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Published: Wed, 11/30/22


If you work with video at all
here's a crazy deal on some of
the highest quality dfy video
graphics you'll see in our space.

No BS, See It All on the Page,
full demos of Everything you 
get AND IT'S A LOT!!

This long time video product
creation expert has put a together
Treasure Chest of EIGHT Full
Video Graphic Products..

Each is well worth the Low
Cyber Deal price for All..

-Art Maker Pack (9 in One)
-Particle FX Animations
-Action FX Animations
-Sparkly Photo Maker
-Cutout Photo Animations
And Four More.. See All
Demos on the page..

Not Your Average Quality Video
. These will Instantly
increase the value of your video
work, to get you Top Dollar, with 
minimal video creation effort..

These are DFY and Ready to Add-
On to Any Video or Enhance Any

Also an Added Value - You can
Choose between a Commercial
Lic (use on Unlimited client work)
Or a PLR license (Re-Sell these
Eight Products Individually or as
a Bundle). Very Limited Time Deal

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====== Charge Monthly =======
First Of It's Kind / GMB Software
There's Nothing like this Local
GMB Dashboard... It Instantly
Boosts Search Directory Listings
For ANY Business (Unlimited
Use right now)..

Grab this during the limited time
discount for Cyber Monday. Still
50% Off right now!!

It will give you an Instant Unfair
Local Advantage.. This new tool
has been tested and perfected in
their own agency..You'll see the
proof on the page..

Using this New A.I-Based GMB
Automation Software will help
you FIND "Un-claimed" and 
"Un-Optimized" GMB Leads,
Then CONTACT  these business
that desperately need your help..
Then FIX their issues getting
Them Ranked Higher in The
coveted LOCAL 3-PACK!

First ever AI software targets
businesses that need help with
their local directory optimization.
and Does All The work For you!

Easy to Use Software:
- Targets Specific Locations
- Find Ready Prospects For You
- Creates High Authority Citations
- Creates High Authority Backlinks
- Creates maps w/ Videos & Images
- Ranks unlimited keywords
- Supports Spintax in all fields
- Pings G Maps to get indexed
and more

This Service will be a Staple
in Local Marketing for 2023

In most cases google directory
listings appear before a local
business's website, and if the
information on the GMB list
is wrong or lacking, it effects
the ranking of their website
as well..

All you need to do is to follow
the Steps in the Software And
That’s It... Let the Software's
Artificial Intelligence Boost
Rankings for Unlimited Clients!

It's an essential part of any local
business's online presence now

and often the first-place customers
look (or ask Siri/Alexa to direct
them), for up-to-date info about
the company (hours, phone etc).
See Everything this App Does
and Get Unlimited Access Now..

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 AI Tool Builds Unlimited Biz Videos
The price is still crazy low for the
unlimited access you'll get here..

This brilliant software tool will 
increase profits for Anyone that's
Working with Clients..

There's incredible profit potential
here. This Break-though AI Video
Tool Does the Video Creation and

A First To Market Software that
Combines the Power of  Video
with the Simplicity of AI..

Let's you pump-out Unlimited
Client Videos and Charge Top
Dollar with Minimal Effort..

Brand New, A.I Based Video
Marketing Technology
you Create Videos Directly
From Any Keywords.. 

You really need to see this tool
work on the sales page demo..

This has Tons of Features that
allow you to Create Lighting
Speed, Scroll-Stopping Videos
in Literally Seconds..

Creates super fast videos from
URL's, your Images, Keywords
and more.. See the demo

One Tool Does It All w/ Built-In
Video Editor, 150 Text To Speech
Voices, Watermarks, Logos, Back
Ground Music, Auto Re-Sizing 
Options and More..

Right now there's Zero Recurring
Costs to Use this for Unlimited
Clients and Projects - See Demo

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1) Authority Blog Advantage: 9 Videos
(with Re-Sell Resell Rights): How to Make
Profitable Authority Blogs in Any Niche
Online or Offline..

2) Experimental Stock Audio - 57 MP3s
(Includes Resell Rights): Premium Music
Tracks of high quality audio for Unlimited
Commercial Promotional work...

3) Viking Product Creation 4 Videos (w/ 
Resell Rights): Discover Why You NEED
to Create Products to build your business..

4) Twitter Traffic Raceway 13 Pgs Lead
Magnet Bundle (Includes PLR): Tap Into
a Stream of Profitable Targeted Traffic
Using Twitter - Good Lead-Gen Content

5) Networking Your Online Business 5-Day
PLR Ecourse: Find out how to use the power
of networking in any business, Good Agency
List Building Content..

6) Effective Blog Plugins & Widgets; 24pgs:
Increase Any Blogs Interactivity Quotient &
and drive it's Popularity Using These Plugins.
More Good Content for Consultants.. 

7) 10 Herbs PLR Articles: Pro Written and
Researched General Appeal Content you
could use for all kinds of  Client Campaigns  

PLUS SEVEN MORE Not Listed Here!

Thanks for looking today..
Your Success is My Success
Nick (Mann) Mancuso

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