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Published: Fri, 02/13/15

Get Mentored in Freedom by Oliver DeMille

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BBF-Square-BadgeA One-of-A-Kind Freedom Learning Program Participants prepare to become founding fathers and mothers of freedom in the 21st Century! Don’t miss this amazing learning experience.


There are no credits, grades, or credentials associated with this intense course of study—just great learning from the highest-quality materials and deep mentoring on the most important principles of freedom. No facades, just excellent learning.

Online Forum:

To participate in our personally moderated online forum with others in this study program, click here >>

Special Events:

Every 6 months we will host a special in-person Seminar. To qualify, participants must complete a minimum of 6 books and 6 corresponding audios during the 6 months before the Seminar. For those who qualify, there is no cost for the Seminar beyond your own personal travel, housing, etc. This event will be led by Oliver DeMille and follow an intense, high-quality workshop format on freedom and current events.


The monthly subscription is $40 (or a $10 add on** if your household is currently enrolled in the “Mentoring in the Classics” subscription). Each month you’ll receive an introductory audio and, later in the month, another audio to be used after you read the assigned book. There is an additional fee for the Final In-Person Examination (see details below).

**Now through 2/17/15: Subscribe for just $35 (or! Only an $8 add-on if your household is currently enrolled in MIC!)


Enroll by February 17 to get a special $35/month subscription rate (or $8 add-on if your household is enrolled in the “Mentoring the Classics” subscription.)