Freedom is being lost. What is your role in restoring it?

Published: Thu, 07/16/15

Freedom isn't Free.
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Many nations across the globe, and Americans in particular, enjoy a legacy of freedom and prosperity without equal in the history of the world. The pride we have traditionally felt over the idealism, vision, heroism, and sacrifice of our Pilgrims, Founders, and those that followed them is a part of our national heritage.

But it is no longer alarmist to assert that we are in grave danger of losing the freedom and prosperity that were won at so terrible a cost. Strangely, though, our culture of idealism, heroism, and sacrifice is not lost.

Our people still show a great capacity for moral courage, tenacity and altruism. There are still those among us who are willing to take risks, endure hardships and make difficult choices. We still take our hats off when the flag goes by. We honor the sacrifices of our military brothers and sisters; we show compassion to the less fortunate.

Why, then, are we sliding virtually unchecked down the slippery slope of cultural and societal decay? Why are we losing our freedoms?

This is a question of vital interest to freedom-lovers around the world.

Americans who are willing to sacrifice for the benefit of their posterity can only consent to the destruction of the forms that guarantee our freedoms if they do not understand what freedom is, nor how to maintain it.

In this ground-breaking book, Oliver DeMille deconstructs the very fabric of freedom and clearly articulates why freedom is being lost, how to restore it, and what kind of specific leadership is necessary to heal our society so that freedom can flourish.

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