Published: Thu, 07/23/15

The Black Belt in Freedom On-Site Seminar

Saturday, September 26, 2015

RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY - even if you haven't done the readings! (See instructions below to confirm your attendance)
Oliver DeMille is offering a rare all-day in-person seminar on Freedom in our Time.
To attend free of charge, participants need to have completed six of the monthly readings and listened to all of the audios for those six months by the time of the seminar. (See below for a paid option available to those who have not completed all readings)
The readings you need to have completed are:
  • We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • Turn the Page, The Law
  • The 5000-Year Leap
  • Genesis – Deuteronomy
  • 196 through chapter 3
  • Spirit of the Laws
  • Introduction to Blackstone
The Seminar will be an intensive Black Belt in Freedom event run by Oliver DeMille. It will consist of new material not already covered in the readings or audios. Content includes current events, the great books on freedom, and classical application to current events—similar to the level of material on the audios, but deeper, given the face-to-face, interactive format. Bring all your questions about everything you’ve read and studied so far.

8-8:45am: Registration

9-10:30am: Session I

10:45am-12noon: Session II

12-1:30pm: Lunch Break

1:30-3:00pm: Session III

3:15-5pm: Session IV

Topics are intentionally left “to be determined.” Because this is a mentored seminar, the content will be highly interactive, and responsive to the most current and up-to-date issues. Participants who have attended this kind of event in the past will tell you that the content is amazing, deep, and extremely fun! Once you’ve attended one of Oliver’s high-touch mentored seminars, you’ll never want to go back to the rote, structure-topic model that you may have experienced before. Indeed, the very format and context will be a sub-level mentoring on how to deliver effective events and workshop instruction.
The event is free* to those who meet the Prerequisite above. Only those who have met the prerequisite are invited to attend free. Participants cover their own travel, housing, meals, etc.
The Seminar will convene at the Crystal Inn in Cedar City, Utah. Inexpensive, quality lodging is available at many properties in town. Please feel free to contact us for suggestions.
To hold your spot for the event, register below. The deposit to hold your spot is $45, payable when you enroll. The deposit will be refunded to all who attend the seminar. Those who don’t attend the seminar will forfeit the deposit. This allows us to effectively plan on who and how many will be in attendance.
Enrollment must be received by August 26, 2015. 
Do you meet the refundable enrollment guidelines?
Everyone else: We'll be delighted to see you next time! Dig in. THIS STUFF MATTERS! :)
To enroll in Black Belt in Freedom, visit