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My latest YouTube lesson is now live!

Published: Thu, 03/23/23

Hi, Who doesn't love movies? A few years ago, I was scared to dip my toe in the video pool, but with practice and some really good tips from e…

Today is Very Special Day!

Published: Thu, 02/02/23

d Hi, Today is a very special day...E actly 33 years ago today, on February 2, 1990, I walked into Bromfield Camera in downtown Boston and purchased…

Listen to My Brand New Album, "Reel Music"

Published: Mon, 01/23/23

Hi, I’m e cited to announce the release of my brand new album, Reel Music. Right now, you can listen to or purchase the album on my Bandcamp page, but…

Here are my first photos of 2023.

Published: Wed, 01/11/23

d Happy New Year, ! I generally don't make new year's resolutions. They usually don't stick... as is perfectly illustrated by this meme that…

Here Are My Music Highlights from 2022

Published: Fri, 01/06/23

Hi, Well, we just completed another circuit around the sun, which means I’m another year older, wiser, more rambunctious, and even more dedicated…

My BLACK FRIDAY Deal Ends Tomorrow

Published: Sat, 11/26/22

d Hi, Just a quick remeidner that my BLACK FRIDAY deal ends tomorrow night. All three tiers of my signature 30-lesson course, Photography On The Brain…

Don't Miss my BLACK FRIDAY deal this week!

Published: Mon, 11/21/22

Hi, As promised last week, I have a BLACK FRIDAY deal that I think might e cite you! For starters, all three tiers of my signature 30-lesson course,…

Want a Free Coaching Session with Me?

Published: Tue, 11/15/22

Hi, Here we are in mid-November, which means that Black Friday is right around the corner. With that in mind, I wanted to let you know what kinds of…

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