✉ BIG Problem - and My Solution (Bonus Guide Attached)

Published: Thu, 10/29/15

There is a nasty problem I see some folks having that
are following this new training from Erica.

As I was reading through her training guide (which I LOVE),
it crossed my mind that this might happen, but thought others
would realize the same things I did and not DO the things
that cause this problem.

In other words, my little pea brain didn't think this
info was 'news' enough to warrant a Bonus Guide.

I was very wrong - folks NEED this info from me.

What is the problem?

If you've read through this forum thread, you will
notice that a few folks have had their brand new
free blogs deleted by Google.

That's NO good and can easily be avoided.

I have had these kinds of free blogs for years and
years and YEARS... and haven't had it happen to me...

well, ONCE it did, but I FORCED it to happen  =)

(I'll explain why in the sneak peek of my new
 Bonus Guide that is attached to this email).

This new strategy of Erica's is EXCELLENT!

It's a free method, it's a FAST method...
and you do NOT need to do any stinkin' keyword research.

Seriously, check it out here - it's really good stuff!

And, YES, it really DOES work!

BUT if you're not careful and rush in, you're probably
going to find your new free blog deleted.

I can help you prevent that with some simple steps that
I take whenever I start a new blog like these.

If you purchase this new One Hour strategy thru this link

you will get my complete Bonus Guide for free.

You'll find the link to download your copy of my
Bonus Guide right under the place where you
download Erica's One Hour Strategy Guide.

For more details, read the attached Sneak Peek
of my Bonus Guide  =)

Have a great day!!


PS - What if you already bought it?

No problem!

If you bought through me, your Bonus Guide is
already waiting for you back on the same page
you used to download Erica's guide.

However, if you did NOT buy through me, the
Bonus Guide will not be there (sorry!)

I'll look into another way for others to get it and
email out once I figure how to make it work for those
that did NOT buy through me.

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Enjoy your day!