👀 What's Working On Pinterest NOW (see my Pinterest Test Results)

Published: Mon, 06/03/19



My hubby always says...

When I get quiet, I'm up to something lol!

Lately, I've been super quiet online because I HAVE been very busy being "up to something" =)


I have been DEEP into Pinterest testing - and I am SO thankful I jumped in a few months ago and started TONS of new tests.


Pinterest has been Cray-Cray-CRAZY lately -

I'm sure THAT'S the understatement of the year!


But by golly, I figured out some great new tips and tricks for getting your Pinterest back on track


(AND how to fix what Pinterest broke!)


Every few months, I review all my Pinterest tests and then type out the things that WORK into a little guide for my Team...

And then that's how we all pin for all our accounts until I decide it's time for a new strategy guide.


Word got out that I do this... and then they all wanted the chance to read my secret strategy guide.


Then, my Assistant (ie, my daughter) said:


"Mom, you really should offer this to your readers - so many of them REALLY NEED your help and this information!"


She's right.


So I'm gonna share =)


You can click here and start reading

No opt in or anything like that -

Just click and read


Or, head on over to this page on my blog:



and learn more about my Pinterest testing results...


see what simple new strategies are working SO well for all my Pinterest accounts...




How Albert Einstein gave me the final encouragement to go ahead and share my new PinTest Playbook with you.


(yes, THAT Albert Einstein...lol!)








PS - Not too sound all "markety", but I can't promise how long I'll keep this online, ok?

The info in my new PinTest Playbook took me HUNDREDS of hours to accomplish along with thousands of curse words and a couple migraines that would kill an elephant.

It's all new stuff - and I've got the empty Advil bottles to prove it!

If you're as serious about your Pinterest results as I am - I really, REALLY think you're gonna LOVE it!


Enjoy your day!