Update on PotPieGirl

Published: Thu, 10/03/19



Just a few updates in case you've been wondering where I went...

Nope, I'm not dead.... lol!

I've had such a busy and wonderful summer!

Lots of friends and family visiting, a few vacations and lots of golf!

Even though it's officially Fall here in Atlanta, it is still VERY hot - almost 100 degrees today... yikes!

But those high temperatures won't keep me off the golf course =)


And to be totally honest, after almost 13 YEARS of doing this, and after a few really stressful years, I was pretty burnt out and knew I had to ALLOW myself some down time away from stress.


Hey, I ain't gettin' no younger.... haha!

Both my body and my brain were telling me... SCREAMING at me... to just stop... slow down... get outside and AWAY.


So I did.


I also FORCED myself to work LESS this summer because I wanted to really put something to the test.

Know what that 'something' is I wanted to test?

My Passive Income


Guess how my results were?



You know, we work SO hard to create lots of passive income streams - and we KEEP working...

But we forget to test and SEE how those income streams are really working FOR us.


And YES, they are supposed to work FOR us...

so WE can work LESS.


I'm actually quite proud of myself for FINALLY putting all my work to the test to see how it all works FOR me when I am NOT working.


What's really nuts is that my Pinterest accounts did very, VERY well.

and are STILL doing really well!


Now, I was not totally "hands off" with Pinterest

(you and I both know I am incapable of that! lol!)


But I did let my tools work FOR me wayyyyyyy more than I ever have.


When I did work this summer, I spent a lot of time, thought and testing into reducing the bounce rate on my pages and increasing my time spent on each page.

That has paid off VERY well for me and was time and effort well spent.


Page views are UP

(both from Pinterest AND from Google)

and my ad revenue on my sites is spectacular and better than ever, too.

All the time I have spent writing better pin descriptions has definitely paid off too.

It's actually pretty impressive, if I can say that =)

All in all, it was a very successful and profitable summer with way less work and stress.

Both my body and my brain are very thankful =)

Have YOU ever taken time off to really SEE how all your hard work performs WITHOUT you?

Ok... some other things to talk about...


1. You may (or may not) have noticed that the Keywords Everywhere tool is no longer free.

This has a lot of people freaking out... haha!

Look here's the thing...

It's a GREAT tool and what they're charging is so little.

If it's valuable to YOU and YOUR business, it's silly to stress over a few bucks when it saves you TIME...

and helps you achieve better results.

Plus, it's such a useful tool that involves a lot of time, energy and resources to make available for us.

Why SHOULDN'T they make a few bucks off of it to PAY for some of their time and resources?

So, as Taylor Swift says.... we need to calm down - haha!

If it's worth it, pay for it. If it's not, don't.

But please don't get mad because they are no longer free, ok?


2. 'Tis the Season!

Y'all, please listen...


It's time to get Christmas content like this on YOUR blog.


This is THE money-making quarter of the year - and I want YOU to make the most you can this Holiday season and every Holiday season for years to come.


Heck, my Christmas-related content is ALREADY getting higher traffic and making sales.

It's pretty magical =)


You need Holiday-related content on your blog...

and you need to get it published NOW.


(yes, I know, it's not even Halloween yet - but this is the time of year we bloggers publish posts for Christmas sales )

If you already have Christmas posts and gift guides, etc - get in there and update and republish them.


If you do NOT have Christmas-related posts -


or you want MORE Christmas-related posts....


Use these pre-written Christmas blog posts


They will REALLY help!

Ok, that's it from me for now.

I'll check back in with you later.

Have a great day!




resources mentioned:


- pre-written Christmas blog posts


- find GOOD pin description keywords


- see all training from PotPieGirl