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Published: Sun, 06/09/19




Hiya =)

I sure hope you're having an amazing day!

It's been SUPER busy around here as I'm excitedly going through all the AWESOME training that came in this bundle deal today.

Sheesh! So many cool things!


It took me a minute to figure out where *I* wanted to start and go through first - I'll tell you what I picked in a moment.

I still can't believe you get ALL of this for only $39!

Just nuts!



On another note:

We have a LOT of new friends joining us today - if YOU are new here in PotPieGirlLand.... WELCOME!

I'm so honored you have chosen to spend your time with us.


In case you're new...

Or you didn't know this...


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this one page lets you know where to find them:

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Alrighty, back to business.



So I opened up my download page for this bundle deal...







Once I regained my composure (because I always want to do ALL THE THINGS as fast as I can lol!)...

I decided to make a quick list of the things I really want to dive into FIRST -

In other words, the things that caught my eye and apply the most to improving MY business


(or I'm just really curious about the topic)


So, in case you're interested, here are the courses and resources from inside this HUGE package that I am taking advantage of FIRST:


- Lena's Master Pinterest Keyword Tracking Training and Spreadsheets

(if Lena talks Pinterest, you listen)

- Monica's Anatomy of an Affiliate Launch looks awesome

- Suzi's Optins ABCs

(that girl is SO smart - I love anything she teaches!)

- Tawyna's Learn To Outsource

(we ALL need to get better at this!)

- Totally getting April's $185 worth of FREE blog content

- Taylor's Standing Out In a Sea of Noise Master Class

(that looks really interesting)

- Mike's Content Marketing Workshop

- Jennifer's Camera Ready course

(just LOVE her!)

- Sarah's Shopify Course

(that girl has it GOING ON! Of course I want to learn from her!)

- Kerry's OTO Magic Course

(I KNOW there's money to be made with this!)

- Jenn's The Art of The MicroFlip

(this looks REALLY interesting - about building simple starter blogs and flipping them for profit - I love this idea!)

- Holly's What To Post (social media)

- Karen's Pinterest Pin Template Packs

- Brittany and Kelan's Bloggers's Secrets Course

- Monica's SEO course

- Tracie's Sponsored Post Calculator

(I've never done this so I'm excited to learn what to charge!)

- Jada's Canva training

- Debbie's How To Write Blog Posts That Rank Well on Google

(I have no doubt, this will be EXCELLENT!)


Whew... while there's a LOT more inside this bundle deal,

that's enough for right now...


We get 2 months to go through and get everything - so there's no need to rush and get overwhelmed.


thank goodness!


Hard to believe all of that AND more is only $39 on this page

Crazy, right?


It's like having access to a Blogger's Library where you can learn about ANYTHING you want to help your business - and you get to take it all home.

I sure LOVE learning new tricks =)


I will admit tho...

There are some learning situations I do NOT like.

For example:

When I see a training that says "16 HOURS of Video Training" -

Uh, hellllllll no!

I'll watch 16 hours of This Is Us, or Billions, but 16 hours of video training? Uh no. LOL!

So I'm skipping the video courses for now and diving into the "quick learns" like I listed above.

I'm a BIG fan of "quick wins"!


Getting Another Perspective

Since I've been doing all this for over 12 YEARS now, the training, tools and resources that appeal to ME aren't always what appeals to those that are more new in our business.


Thankfully, I have another set of eyes for another perspective.


My daughter (my Assistant) is also going through this huge pack of blogging goodies...


Since she is still more of a "new-ish" blogger, I can't wait to see what appeals to her AND what she really liked.

I'll be sure to let you know what she thinks.


Ok, this is plenty long enough!


You can see EVERYTHING you get inside your bundle deal here:


=> http://www.potpiegirl.com/see/bcstack/



Have an amazing and productive day!







Don't forget -


all my secret deals and coupon codes are found here:


=> http://www.potpiegirl.com/flash-sales/


Have fun with it!