📌 A Confession From PotPieGirl (and some other stuff)

Published: Tue, 06/11/19




Hiya =)

How's things over your way?

It's been raining like CRAZY here in the Atlanta area the past few days!

While my flowers love it, I'm not a fan of constant rain - it's too dreary for me when it just KEEPS raining.


Bad weather outside sure does help to keep ME inside and working.

So, that's a positive spin on it, I guess.

(but I'd really rather be out in the pool soaking up some rays!)


Ok - let's talk work stuff...

(before I jump in, please don't forget: I have this secret page on my site that lists out all my Flash Sales and coupon codes, etc etc)


I HAVE to make a confession...

I am LOVING my new private Facebook group!

I was SO hesitant to start one, but I am now super happy I did!


We are having the best time in there sharing all our secret tips and tricks for getting the best results from Pinterest possible!

It really, REALLY is nice for ME to have a "safe place" online where I can share freely, show my stats, detail out all my little strategies and techniques - AND hang out with like-minded smart Pinterest users.


Would YOU like to join us?


There's only ONE way to get the secret passcode to join my private Facebook group

(hopefully, you already know it, but in case you don't...)


ONLY PinTest Playbook members get the secret passcode to join

=> http://www.potpiegirl.com/pintest-playbook/

the passcode is found at the end of your PlayBook


Right NOW, there are 2 ways to GET my PinTest Playbook...

(hint: #2 is the MUCH better deal)

Option #1 -


Download PinTest Playbook on my site

- OR -


and this is the MUCH better deal:

Option #2 -


Get PinTest Playbook AND 65 OTHER Training Courses for only $39 here:

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To me, it's really a 'no-brainer' -

(and don't slap me because I said "no brainer" lol!)


You can get this cheap bundle deal of 65 courses AND get my new PinTest Playbook for only $39 here


OR, ONLY get PinTest Playbook for $37 here


65 MORE courses for only $2 more...


yep, that's a no brainer haha!

Ok, let's move on to 3 OTHER really sweet deals I found online:


========== DEAL ALERTS ===========


+ I brag about this image tool ALL the time


It is probably THE most important tool in my business these days - and it makes my work so much easier.

In fact, that image tool made my Top Tools and Resources list - and not many things do!


But, it's NORMALLY not cheap

See normal pricing here

=> http://www.potpiegirl.com/easy-pins


But do NOT buy there!


I'm about to tell you where to get it really, really cheap IF you hurry.


Right now, you can get UNLIMITED and LIFETIME access to my favorite image tool for a one-time low price of only $49

That's crazy!

It's usually a monthly fee - this deal saves you HUNDREDS of dollars.

and you WILL love it.


(it even has a plugin so you can quickly and easily make your post images RIGHT inside the same screen you write your posts on!)


Hurry to the image tool deal page here before it's gone:

=> http://www.potpiegirl.com/see/image-tool-deal/


+ Speaking of images...


I don't know about YOU, but I use Stock Images ALL THE TIME.


Here's a super sweet deal on a HUGE library of stock images

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That deal saves you almost $700!

sweet, right!??!



+ Are your images slowing down your site?

We Pinterest Marketers tend to have a LOT of heavy BIG images on our blog posts - and it really slows down our websites.

This simple plugin fixes all that

That's another super deal on a valuable blogging tool that would normally cost MUCH more.


See the deal on the plugin here:

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(note: ALL those deals above are time-limited and will NOT last long)



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Have a great day!