Protecting Your Squidoo Lenses (new training added from PotPieGirl)

Published: Wed, 03/20/13


Ok, all my wonderful OWM'rs - I've started the brand new Module 7 called The P.E.D. System.  What does P.E.D. stand for, you might ask?  Why it stands for Protection, Expansion, and DOMINATION - woohoo!  (and no - nothing 50 Shades of Gray...get your mind out of the gutter!  lol!)

As of right this moment there is only the opening content and the first "lesson".  The first lesson is REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT so PLEASE do it.  If you can't think of a good reason to take the time to do, then just do it for me since I begged you!

As of this very moment, that is all that is in the new module 7.  With all these things going on with Squidoo, I know it's super important that I get all this out to y'all ASAP.  I have been working on it for quite some time, but here it is, 1 am, and I am still collecting and organizing my notes and all.

What's weird is that this part is kinda hard to teach because it's something I do instinctively now and it's not an exact science.  I also don't WANT everyone to do it exactly the same so I want to leave some room for everyone to use their own creativity and free thinking/testing with it.  I sure hope y'all are comfortable with getting training like that (?), but I do know that I am not a good teacher if I don't encourage your own free thinking and testing.  Cookie cutter just doesn't "cut" it around the net anymore.

Everything I add from beyond what is there right now I consider "advanced" training, but for any of you that are making any sales at all from your lenses...well, I'd be doing you a disservice by NOT sharing it and encouraging you to grow, expand, and march to your own drummer. 
Y'all are my people (yep, my "peeps") and I really care about not only what you accomplish from the main training in One Week Marketing, but where you go from there.

Anyway - in a nutshell this training is going to offer solutions to:

- How can I protect my lens content right now?
- What if my money-making lens disappeared right now?
- How can I expand to make MORE from the niche/keywords I discovered    via my lenses?
- How to leverage other free-to-use sites to dominate in Google and create my own "leverage web"?

It's good stuff (if I may say so myself) and it's really not hard or writing-intensive either.
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Oh, and by the way, I do ask you a little Code of Honor with this training specifically.  This stuff is stuff *I* do and while the concept of it is not new or unique, the sites I use and how I do it just might be - so please let's keep specific conversation about it private.  I really appreciate it because I really, REALLY don't want the spammers to ruin these sites for all of us.

OK, that's it.  You can access the new training inside the Training Center from the top (where all the other modules are listed).  It's Module 7.

Feedback and suggestions for things you'd like added are welcome (as usual!)

Thanks y'all!


PS - If you're not a One Week Marketing member, now just might
be a really great time to join.  With all the recent Squidoo changes,
learning to not only protect your lenses, but excel and dominate with
them is really, really important!
The new training module (Module 7) is an on-going work of love from
me... I want everyone to do really well and I absolutely do NOT want
anyone to lose all their hard work due to Squidoo changes just because
someone didn't know they had options.
 Have a great day!