Publicity Tips/How to Use Instagram for PR Oct. 16, 2012

Published: Tue, 10/16/12

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Tips Of The Week -- Oct. 16, 2012
Issue #656

In This Issue:

1. How to Use Instagram for PR

2. Let Freelancers Pitch for You

3. Use Social Media to Grow

4.  Hound Video of the Week

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1. How to Use Instagram for PR

And you thought Facebook was growing quickly.

Instagram, the hip photo-sharing system now owned by Facebook, is less than two years old and already has more than 30 million users.

The app lets you snap a photo with your mobile phone, then choose a filter to transform the image. It's free in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Here are seven ways Publicity Hounds can use Instagram:

--In your Facebook timeline photo.

--Replace a boring photo of something like an awards presentation with an eye-catching image. Jen DeAngelis of InkHouse Media + Marketing suggests a photo of a hand gripping the trophy or someone nailing a certificate to a wall.

--To accompany a press release about a new product or service. Link to the images.

--Nonprofits, use it to feature your volunteers. Or take photos of cool products that will be up for grabs at your silent auction.

--Use it when announcing a contest.

--Offer a behind-the-scenes look at your company.

--Take photos to build excitement and boost attendance for a special event.

I know you can think of more.

Freelance writer Carlo Pandian wrote a guest blog post for me and offers lots of tips and examples of how to use Instagram.Check it out and then tell us in the Comments section how you're using Instagram. Include links, too, so we can see your photos.

2. Let Freelancers Pitch for You

Trying to get into a big magazine but failing?

Let freelancers help you. Many of them are already selling their articles to magazines, have excellent relationships with editors, and are always on the lookout for interesting stories to pitch.

One of the best places to find freelancers is inside the magazines you want to get into.

The October issue of Sky, the inflight magazine for Delta Airlines, features three freelancers along with their bios and photos, in the front of the magazine, under the editor's column.

These bios often list other magazines where the freelancer is featured.

If you can't find contact information for a freelancer you want to pitch, Google the writer's name. You'll probably find their social media profiles, other articles they've written, contact information, and more.

You pitch the freelancer. The freelancer determines if there's a market for the story, or tweaks the story idea and then pitches it to editors. An editor who is interested in the story negotiates the price of the article with the writer. You pay nothing.

My recent webinar on "How to Find Your Way into Glossy Magazines" includes three other places to find freelance writers and dozens of tips on how to build relationships with magazine writers and editors. The video replay and bonus tip sheet "11 Ways to Prepare for a Magazine Interview" are  now available.

3. Use Social Media to Grow

Every time you post a Facebook or LinkedIn status update, is it part of a strategic plan?

Or are you throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping something sticks?

I admit, I'm sometimes tempted to throw the pot. But I'm forcing myself to ask, "Is this really why people are following me?"

Mari Smith, the world's Number One Facebook expert, says social media can't only be part of your overall marketing strategy. It has to be part of your business growth strategy, too.

She's inviting you to "It's Crunch Time!," a free, three-hour live streaming webcast a week from today, Oct. 23, from 1 to 4 p.m. Eastern. She'll show you how to ramp up your Facebook and social media marketing, stop the time-wasting tasks, apply proven business and productivity principles, and increase your profits in less time with less effort.

You can post your questions on Twitter and Facebook.

Save your seat now.

4. Hound Video of the Week

Thanks to Christel Hall of Minden, NV, for this video of a dog that just couldn't make it as a service dog and became a SURFice dog.Check out Ricochet and his "sister" Rina at their Facebook page.

Dog Jokes & Quotes Ebook: 170+ G-rated dog jokes and quotes, perfect for a dog-lover, your favorite vet, or just for a few good laughs.

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