Publicity Tips/Cruel Fact About Facebook Feb. 23, 2013

Published: Sat, 02/23/13

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Tips Of The Week -- Feb. 23, 2013
Issue #693

In This Issue:

1. Cruel Fact About Facebook

2. Testimonials on Autopilot

3. Quantum Leap for Experts

4. Hound Photo of the Week

This Weekend in the Hound House:

Recommendations wanted for a good mystery novel. What's the best one you've read lately? Must be good bedtime reading.

1. Cruel Fact About Facebook 

Facebook makes me crazy.

It's one of those sites that gives you, I'm guessing, more than 50 ways to connect with your friends and fans.

Because it's one of five social media sites where I'm fairly active, there are days when I simply can't remember where to click when I want to do something very basic like change one of my settings. I sit there and stare at the screen and think, "Why can't I figure this out?"

I'm not alone.

Several weeks ago, I tag-teamed with my assistant, Christine Buffaloe, to teach about 150 romance authors how to use social media to sell more books. She taught Facebook. I taught Twitter.

Many of our tips were way above the heads of dozens of authors on the call. We knew that as soon as the questions started flowing in:

"What's the difference between a Facebook friend and a fan?"

"Where do I click to create a Twitter profile?"

"Can I use my book cover as my avatar on my Facebook profile?"

That's when this cruel fact hit home: Many people are doing some of the most basic tasks on sites like Facebook and Twitter all wrong.

They're confused about how to create an account. They're baffled by the many privacy options in the settings. Authors still don't know if they can use a pen name.

If you're confused, too, don't be embarrassed. Don't apologize. And don't give up!

Help is on the way.

Starting next week, Christine is hosting a series of webinars for social media newbies. It's call Social Media KISS for Authors: Keep it Simple & Serene." It will feature a short presentation on just the basics, with plenty of time for Q&A.

Pick and choose from any of the 10 webinars on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Blogging. Or grab the entire series at a deep discount. Christine kicks it off next Thursday, Feb. 28, with the first of three webinars she's presenting on Facebook.

Read about the training and how you can participate, even if you're not an author.

2. Testimonials on Autopilot

If you missed Thursday's webinar on how to generate testimonials on autopilot, create helpful case studies you can offer journalists during media interviews, and gather statistical data to back up claims about your products and services, there's still time to listen to the replay.

You can access it here and it will be there until 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, Feb. 25.

Lots of tips from Jeanne Hurlbert on how to use three important pillars--marketing, sales and products--to grow your business this year and get more publicity in the process.

3. Quantum Leap for Experts

Most authors and experts never begin to tap their financial potential, which is too bad because there are often some relatively easy ways they can make a whole lot more money.

Smart authors don't only write books. Successful consultants don't only consult. The most in-demand speakers don't only speak.

You're invited to a free telephone seminar on "How To Thrive As An Author/Expert In Any Economy" with Steve Harrison on Thursday, Feb. 28, at 2 or 7 p.m. Eastern.

Discover proven tips for creating spin-off income streams based on your book or expertise. Learn how one non-fiction author created over $720,000 a year in non-royalty income, and seven other surprisingly easy strategies for quickly making a quantum leap in your income as an author/expert.

Register here.

4. Hound Photo of the Week

Feel good photo of the week on Facebook: A dolphin saves a dog from drowning on Marco Island, Fla.


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