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Published: Tue, 05/09/23

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Featured Book: The Jade Crown, Book I: The Hidden City by Mark J. Donovan

About Featured Book: The Jade Crown, Book I: The Hidden City by Mark J. Donovan

A doomed expedition discovers an ancient secret in the mountains.

Against his better judgment, Garruth – a mercenary – joins a voyage of discovery to try and pass through an unconquered mountain range. The explorers believe they will find the remnants of a long-lost civilization on the other side; Garruth would settle for a few answers.
What they find is a secretive people that prefer their privacy, and are willing to kill to protect it. Yet the ancient sword that the mercenary carries seems to be of interest to this people’s beautiful sorceress, and her promise to help him find the answers he seeks ensnares Garruth in a web of political intrigue, betrayal, and espionage.
Now the mercenary will have to try stay alive in this dangerous place long enough to finally discover what happened to him so many years ago, and what role his invaluable sword played in creating him; and maybe – if he’s unusually lucky – even earn a bit of gold along the way.

This Fantasy book is available in these Formats: eBook

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