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Published: Thu, 05/11/23

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Featured Book: Through The Way With God by Zsanett Nagy

About Featured Book: Through The Way With God by Zsanett Nagy

Book promotional price $4.99 5-7.2023 – 6-7.2023.

The Camino Santiago itself is a wonderful journey, full of sights and experiences. However, it is most wonderful when the experience extends not only physically, but also spiritually. When you walk your way in divine company, you will receive its true value. Then you will really find yourself, what you were seeking. It will then become apparent to you what is most important in your life. What your path is, and where you are going. By the time you get to the end, you won’t be the same as when you started, but you don’t want to be what you were. You will be fulfilled and your life will be changed. The Camino Santiago is more than just a hiking trail. When you let God guide you, you will realize that. It will show you more than you can imagine. His presence ensures that you will get where you need to be, wherever you go.

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To Own Two Suns by Fran Tabor

To Own Two Suns by Fran Tabor

It’s the beginning of the 22nd century. Captain Jerry Jerrison, head scientist for the first manned flight to explore the outer solar system, has dreamed of meeting aliens since childhood. As they approach Pluto, his ship encounters what seems to be an abandoned alien spaceship.
Muni, the sole occupant, is in a state of Deep Sleep. The ship’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) learns the human spaceship is failing. The AI tricks Jerrison and his crew into boarding the safer alien craft.
When Muni awakens, he pretends he came for the benefit of the human race.
Reality is more sinister. He is there to claim our solar system for his clan. If he fails, his entire family will be killed. Muni is their last hope. Human existence makes his claiming our solar system impossible.
As the novel progresses, Captain Jerrison and Muni must find a way to work together to save both Muni’s clan and the human race.
Morgi civilization will accept humans as True People if and only if Jerrison can personally prove human greatness. Jerrison the Scientist must become Jerrison the Warrior.
Morgi Law: Only against great odds can greatness be revealed.
The immense odds against Jerrison are great enough to win Morgi recognition.
If he fails, all humanity and Muni’s clan will be exterminated. Failure is so certain, Muni’s enemies are already positioning themselves to exterminate humanity and claim on sun.

Targeted Age Group:: teen to adult
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 1 – G Rated Clean Read

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
When first I learned stars are distant suns, I've wondered if someone, something looked back at me, wondering if my sun had a planet, if someone on my planet could be looking back at it.
I've imagined many alien civilizations. None were more fun to develop than the one in this book. From their biology, I created a society. If you, too, enjoy contemplating how biology influences the realities we create, you will enjoy this book — providing you can tolerate my warped sense of humor.

How Did You Come up With Your Characters?
CAPTAIN JERRY JERRISON: If I could have lived a different life, a different time, while I wrote To Own Two Suns, I would have lived his life — but without the dangers. He is fantasy fulfillment.
MUNI: How to turn what we initially see as evil monster, (just because during his first human-alien interaction Muni chews up and gulps down an adult human), into a sympathetic, loveable character you WANT to win? By first writing this story from Muni's view point and then rewriting from Jerrison's, and letting Jerrison discover first impressions can be wrong for everyone. Of course Muni killed the first human he met the quickest way possible — devouring — because the human was an invading monster.
Muni is a slave to his biology. Are humans? Aliens let us explore humanity in ways human characters cannot.

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