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Published: Wed, 05/17/23

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Eagle Rock by Fran Tabor

Eagle Rock by Fran Tabor

Murder & Romance: Montana Style
Kila Kincaid never understood how her brother could leave Hollywood style civilization to buy Eagle Rock, a primitive Montana ranch. When an accident kills him, she rushes to Montana to bury her brother and sell the ranch.
Kila learns Eagle Rock holds more than scenery. It cradles a dream.
Warriors fight for their dreams, and for the people they love.
Eagle Rock awakens Kila’s warrior spirit. Blake Black Bear awakens her heart.
Eagles, warriors of the sky, mate only with those willing to plummet to the ground, risk death, together.
Only if Kila and Blake possess true Eagle Love, will they survive a killer’s onslaught. If either falters, both will surely die.

Targeted Age Group:: Older teen to adult
Heat/Violence Level: Heat Level 1 – G Rated Clean Read

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
My brother wrote a screen play. I suggested a "few" rewrites. He said "Why don't you just rewrite it as one of your novels?" In the spirit of sisterly love, I did.

My brother and I are proud of our heritage, which includes both prerevolutionary colonials and more recent immigrants fleeing starvation in early 20th century Europe, as well as others for whom North America was their home before Columbus sailed. The clash of cultures and discovering humanity's universals is written in our blood. That reality inspired this story. That, and who doesn't like a good old fashion boy meets girl epic?

How Did You Come up With Your Characters?
My brother’s screenplay, Eagle Rock, handed me these two characters, but it did not hand me a reason to love them. Rewriting their story, I discovered both heroes needed to learn about themselves before they could (finally, at the very end) recognize their mutual love.
Kila represents all of us who worked hard to achieve what we thought would be our “dream come true” lifestyle, only to discover by accident – or fate? – a totally different life is our true destiny.
As a Hollywood veterinarian, Kila cared for the pampered pets of the rich and famous. She lived a life almost as luxurious as the pets she cared for. Her favorite thrill is her fast sport car.
As boss lady of a working ranch, she washes dishes by hand, mucks out stalls, and discovers hard labor with a purpose is more joyful than luxury without purpose. That said, she drives her ranch pickup truck as fast as if it were a sport car.
Kila’s struggle to learn what gives life value is everyone’s struggle.

Blake Black Bear is physically a typical Blackfoot Indian – tall, athletic, handsome. Educationally, he is atypical. Brilliance runs in his family, but he is the first to attend college.
His story is that of many social outsiders for whom books come easy, but learning to walk in what most call civilized society brings more pain than rewards. Like Kila, he must learn what defines his identity.
Blake doesn’t hesitate to face a mountain lion. It will take a different kind of courage to admit he loves a woman who comes from the same world he believes rejected him.
Blake’s struggle to not let past betrayals prevent recognizing today’s love, is a struggle endured by many.

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