Do You Know This Simple Method to Build Trust?

Published: Thu, 09/22/16

Start With the Easy Stuff to Make the Hard Stuff Easier
You really can't go wrong by taking the time to set a foundation of trust and openness in any relationship. My latest post is about my favorite coffee shop leader, Lydia, again, and her skill at asking for feedback from her employees
and customers. Learn how to make this easy, and how to
reap the benefits, no matter what your role or relationship.
Do you know how to get real feedback? 

“Mary, give me some feedback.”

This is from Lydia, my favorite coffee shop manager, who I visit on a daily basis.

She asks me this three to five times a week. One day the café was a little quiet, so I asked her what inspires her to ask. Let’s all listen closely to the role model leader at my coffee shop. She told me things like... (Click here to read the rest of the post).

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