Emotional Intelligence is on the Agenda

Published: Sun, 02/26/17

Don't Let "Artificial Intelligence" Get Into Your Head
As the interface between machines and people continues to blur,
humans still have a competitive advantage
in creative thinking, relationship management, and strategic decision making...
Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Quotient. Empathy at Work. Any Will Do.

If you do a little research on where studies stand on empathy in the workplace or simply the need to understand your fellow human beings who happen to be employees, you'll see it's not going away.

Despite the same plethora of information you find about artificial intelligence growing by leaps and bounds (I prefer the term "augmented intelligence" from Andy Jankowski of IBM) the need for human to human interaction is not going away anytime soon.

See these tips and posts on how to work with these concepts at work, no matter what your role.

Improve Trust With One Word - Read the story of my recent quest for finding a new vet for my beloved pets. Two different docs gave me the same news, but the way one delivered the message won her my business. We all can learn from her.

What You Can Do to Develop Empathy - See what several Forbes Coaches Council members, including me, have to say about little things you can do to improve interactions and increase your influence at work.

10 Ways to Confront a Difficult Boss - Nearly everyone has a boss. Check out these tips to keep yourself out of hot water. Another Forbes Coaches Council compilation.​​​​​​​
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