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Published: Fri, 10/14/16

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Below, find links to dozens of tips from some of the best coaches in the industry
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from FCC members like me.)
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Here are just a few of the compilation posts I've contributed to, where you'll find useful tips to apply in your job.

13 ways to deal with an unexpected career turn

Forbes online, Sept 28, 2016 - "Many people end up with jobs and lives they didn’t expect. If you’re unhappy with the direction your career has taken, however, not all is lost — changing your circumstances can start with a simple mindset shift."

Forbes Coaches Council members were asked to provide one tip to help you achieve greater alignment between your passion and your daily work. Their best tips are here.

10 Strategies For Regaining Focus After A Stressful Situation

Forbes online, May 26, 2016 - "Time pressure may cause professionals to work more to accomplish their daily responsibilities. Oftentimes, this means rushing too quickly from task to task.

This can make it especially challenging to be fully present with what we are doing, especially if the previous task was stressful. How do we fully “show up,” then, when the last task is still fresh in our minds?" Forbes Coaches Council members explain.

12 Pieces Of Advice To Those Who Want To Change But 'Don't Have Time'

Forbes online, Aug 29, 2016 - "Many people stay in professions they are unhappy in because making a change feels too difficult; there simply isn’t time to muster up the energy required. “Not having time” then becomes an excuse for when making a change simply feels riskier than staying in a known situation.

However, a change doesn’t have to be something that happens all at once. Instead, it can be calculated, tested, and implemented slowly." We recently asked 12 members of Forbes Coaches Council what they tell clients who want to change their professional path but “don’t have the time.” 


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P.S. A bonus! Here is a standalone article I wrote and published for you as a manager, at Forbes.

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