Part 1 of 2 - Ready to Make Change in the New Year?

Published: Sun, 12/18/16

Want to make change in the new year,
but don't know how?

Check out these 5 tips to help you,
particularly at work, 
to make change or create new habits.
5 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Interactions at Work
Imagine problems walking into your office.

As a former HR manager, it often went like this for me. People would describe a problem with someone. I would eventually ask, “Have you talked with them about it?” Inevitable answer: “No.”

We can’t read each other’s minds. We make assumptions and ascribe intentions. What we don’t do is talk. It can be intimidating. What do you do with what you hear back? 

Communication. We do it all the time, but shut down at some of the most important moments, But you CAN get beyond that. But you CAN get beyond that. I advocate practice.

Use these tips to invite responses and minimize misunderstanding. (My clients tell me they use these tips successfully with family too.)
  • When someone is disagrees with you, ask, “What makes you come to that conclusion?”
  • When someone puts you on the defensive, ask, “When you use the word ___, what do you mean? This informs you and buys you time.
  • If your boss is defensive because you ask a lot of questions, defuse by saying, “I'm asking because I want to do a good job.”
  • At the end of a feedback session, ask, “Based on our discussion, what are you going to do differently?”
  • After giving significant feedback to an employee, ask, “What's your reaction to what I just said?” Then STOP TALKING.

When thinking about a challenging discussion, this might come to mind, “What I don’t want to happen is ____.” Instead, use tips like these to improve your odds of having the discussion you do want.

Photo credit: Pixabay, NDE.

Peace to you and yours as this year closes and a new one opens!
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