Death to Performance Appraisals

Published: Tue, 11/14/17

It's closer than you think. In the meantime...
No one is going to care about your career
as much as you do.
Whether it's about writing your performance review, or the discussion with your supervisor, the appraisal process is not something most people relish. That said, there is a way to make the best of it to where it's something you might actually feel good about. No kidding.

Click here to see my latest article about making your performance review worth your effort. Learn about:
  • The case for putting it on paper.
  • A quick how-to tip.
  • Shifting your mindset to make it work for you.
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P.S. It may be performance review season for you. A how-to article is not always enough. If you want to talk over your unique situation, right now I have a limited number of openings available in November and December at $62 for 30 minutes. Reply to this email or contact me here to schedule.

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