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do we live a glorified ponzi scheme?

Published: Wed, 11/16/22

Hi Whether you care about cryptocurrencies or not (I personally don't care so much) the defaults that are happening there are beginning to bleed into…

why this obsession with de-dolarization?

Published: Wed, 11/09/22

Hi Now that we are through with at least the voting part of another election in the US (still counting ballots here in my state lol) and as usual I…

change of format and many new videos

Published: Wed, 09/21/22

Hi While you haven't seen as many posts from me lately on KnowingTheTruth.com I've still been posting a ton of videos! In light of this change of…

graphene based microchips are not new

Published: Wed, 08/03/22

Hi Writing about graphene makes me think of an old friend who years ago was e cited about the prospect of graphene based super-capacitors. While these…

Is this the last straw for the US Dollar?

Published: Wed, 07/20/22

Hi You're probably thinking why are you writing to me about that you usually write about health related topics? This is true and not to worry but your…

Is synthetic biology clogging blood vessels?

Published: Wed, 06/15/22

Hi Synthetic biology is not science fiction. It is a pretty deep topic and important topic right now which most people are not familiar with at all…

Who is Controlled Opposition?

Published: Wed, 06/01/22

Hi As you may recall we did a puppet show about this topic but today we're going even deeper into it... It has been coming up on my radar lately so…

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