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Published: Wed, 12/04/19


This week's video is not my video but one that I just posted (well actually there are two).

These are some documentaries that we used to promote on a DVD but now you can see them at your leisure so you might want to bookmark these.

The first one is a full length documentary about the life of Royal Raymond Rife, his optical microscope and frequency technology.

Here's: The Royal Rife Story

The second one is narrated entirely by Royal Rife himself so you can get an idea about the mind of Rife and his work from his own perspective.

And here's Royal Rife in His Own Words

I hope you are having a great week and that you find these documentaries helpful in sharing the info about this technology.

Bounce me a quick response and let me know what you think of these.

Also, we are still running our specials til the end of the week on this page:

Wishing you a blessed rest of your week.

Best of Health,

BTW - I really want to give thanks for all the kind words that came back to me about the Thanksgiving story which I sent last week!
Thank you! It really meant a lot to me, much appreciated :-)

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