here's another Rife video and a fix for the previous ones

Published: Wed, 12/11/19


Since posting those documentaries on Royal Rife recently there have been a number of things that have come up.

First there were a few requests for DVD versions of these, the good news is that I dug some up and got an idea about how to get them to you without any cost but I'll get to that in a minute.

There were also a few folks who had issues with the player not playing on their browser. I'm really sorry if you were one of them.

That's been frustrating because I personally haven't been able to duplicate that issue however I've had enough others report this that I know something is going on so along with my webmaster we've been working on fixing this.

These are long videos so they take some time to load on the page! And the other thing is since I wasn't the producer of this video keep in mind there is a long wait of about 20 seconds of blackness and no sound at the beginning of each video.

If the player doesn't load once the page has loaded completely try refreshing the page.

Please wait that out before you give up and think it's not working - you'll likely see it starts albeit rather slowly.

Since you might be used to my videos which get started right away this isn't very normal - I get that and apologize for this but these videos are worth the watch.

We're also working on posting these videos on a different platform so they will load more consistently, but in the meantime please try the above fix (links are below).

The other thing cooking around here right now is a new holiday specials page here

The URL is actually the same as the previous specials page but it's been updated now with new stuff.

You'll notice on that page that we're offering a bonus Rife Research Kit Volume 1 DVD set so check it out. This includes the DVD version of the videos linked below (minus the 1939 lab video - which is interesting but the resolution is so low it's not quite DVD quality).

This "Rife Research Kit" was my best selling product for years but we had to stop selling them due to some politics that came up a few years ago that weren't directly related to this product but it did prevent me from selling them.

There's also a number of other cool stuff and we have also had a few more of the energetic bracelets come in so you can check those out here

Unfortunately we only got a few more in and are still waiting patiently for our big order - these things just take quite awhile to make.

But we did get a few in for now. It's just not clear whether we'll get the full order before the holidays or not at this point.

So here are the links to the (fixed) documentaries and the 1939 Rife lab film.

The first one is a full length documentary about the life of Royal Raymond Rife, his optical microscope and frequency technology.

Here's: The Royal Rife Story

The second one is narrated entirely by Royal Rife himself so you can get an idea about the mind of Rife and his work from his own perspective.

And here's Royal Rife in His Own Words

The third one is the 1939 Royal Rife Labratory film narrated by John Crane:

Here's the 1939 Royal Rife Laboratory Film

Again, please be patient when watching these because they start rather slow and it seems like just a black box with nothing playing but then you'll see that it is actually playing.

Have you ever been to Seattle? Usually when I come up here it's just for the weekend but this time I'm here for a bit longer.

Wow, I thought it rained a lot in Oregon - it really rains a lot here!

Anyway, wishing you a blessed rest of your week, maybe you'll get some sun - sure doesn't seem like we will here ;-).

Best of Health,

BTW - we're getting orders shipped out quickly for the holidays so check out the fun stuff on special:

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