new video and a video critique post (it needed to be torn apart)

Published: Wed, 01/15/20


To honor the new decade here's something new.

I just posted a new video mashup and if you are used to the sort of videos you see from me this is a bit different...

I've decided to start doing a series of these videos on my other channel so this is the first of a bunch I'll be doing and posting on
  You can check it out here

You'll also see on this page that I did an extensive post which critiques a cartoony video about 5G which mocks the health risks associated with it.

It's quite a popular video and it's spreading some serious ignorance on this subject so I felt it was my duty to tear it apart.

Please join in the commentary about that video both on my post as well as in the comments on the video which I tore apart.

Now in case you are curious about what is different with this new format of videos I'll be posting; usually I'm in my videos and these instead are a mashup of snippets from other videos that I'm piecing together to make it more "bite sized".

That's why the working title for this series (yes, sorry it's a bit dark) is "5G Warning: Winning the Race to 5G EMF Extinction Part 1".

So I'll keep posting on Health Harmonic with content that is more on the lighter side - more focused on solutions.

Speaking of that we did just have our first city council meeting last night where I gave our council an update on what's going on with 5G which is a rather interesting shift as we move into 2020.

So there will be more on that soon.

To help celebrate this new video format (which I'm actually rather excited about) I'm opening up a 20% subscriber discount on all of our 7.83 Hz Energetic Bracelets over $100 that we have in stock plus a few that are less than that. This is while supplies last.

You can use the code: esvideosubscriber747

You can take advantage of that on this page but be sure to copy the code above

We've actually still been out of a number of styles and I apologize about that but we do have some more coming in shortly so please contact me if there's something you're looking for and it seems out of stock so I can give you an ETA.

We are just starting to get a snowstorm that has been predicted here so hopefully we'll be buried in snow soon!

Wishing you a blessed rest of your week. Thank you I love and appreciate you.

Best of Health,

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