part 2: proof that 5g is going to make us all sick

Published: Thu, 01/23/20


The next video in this (renamed) series is up and I'll be uploading all the new ones onto my KnowingTheTruth channel which you can subscribe to right here.

So why did I rename the series? Well aside from the original name that I had used was quite dark there's a story behind it...

If you saw the post last week you know that I tore apart a rather propagandist video which was titled "Proof That 5G Is Going To Make Us All Sick?"

Notice how there is a question mark on the end.

Well this video (which I call propaganda - but it's definitely clickbait considering the sentiment is apposite to the title of the video) was created by a very industry friendly person. Whether it's purposefully propaganda created intentionally to disinform or simply made by someone who I believe doesn't understand the true science is not my concern.

However I do intend to spread better information that will help anyone that is still not clear on the reality of the harmful cumulative effects of non-ionizing radiation on our population of both humans and other animals as well as trees and wildlife.

But the story is that I decided, now that I will continue adding to the information they tried to convey in their video with Part 2, 3, 4, etc. by using the same name as they used for their video.

  You can see the next one here

It's a pretty good name and the way I use it giving you real proof technically that is NOT clickbait.

Wishing you blessings for the rest of your week!

Best of Health,

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