de-dolarization and why it's so important right now..

Published: Wed, 10/26/22


Well happy harvest season to you!

This is a time of year I'm often quite busy getting ready for the winter which I'll get into a bit more down below if you want to know about it ;-)

But there's a couple things for today to bring to your attention.

First is a new article I've posted on the new website I've hinted to you a few times about. It's called "De-dolarization: A Time To Invest in Precious Metals?" which you can read about right here.

You'll be seeing more from me on this new site focusing on precious metals and some unique aspects of the financial system. My plan is to dive even deeper into this topic so you can understand how the geopolitics affect the financial cycles we are heading into.

So here are the most recent posts:

De-dolarization: A Time To Invest in Precious Metals?
(this is my new website)

Last day: The Real Anthony Fauci Movie screening:

For harvest season my life does get rather busy because for many years I've done a lot of food preservation. Over the years I've posted about the sauerkraut making and this year I've added a lot more to that making a lot of fermented pickles and acquired a freeze dryer so there's been a lot of work going into freeze drying foods.

Maybe I'll do some posts on that at some point but maybe not ;-) since I haven't even taken any photos so maybe next year!

Wishing you a great harvest season too!

Best of Health,

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De-dolarization: A Time To Invest in Precious Metals?
(this is my new website)

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