pleomorphism and the "death of the dollar"?

Published: Wed, 04/19/23


Lately I've found myself so busy that I don't write enough of these emails to you. So much to catch up on!

Firstly that subject line is basically a combination of a few of the articles I've written lately but I do find it to be an interesting thought.

Pleomorphism is a concept which Royal Rife was a staunch believer in because he was seeing it in his microscopes. It essentially translates to "many forms" and expressed in the microbial world.

Personally I consider this perspective as well as the terrain theory to be very important in this current time. Thus this recent post covering some trending videos on this subject as well as some historical perspective:

Is there such thing as pleomorphism in the financial system?

It's kind of a funny concept but feels interestingly appropriate in this situation.

After all a lot of people (especially in "alt-media") believe that the dollar is going to die tomorrow. I sometimes have got caught up in this myself but as I have dug deeper into the subject it becomes obvious that the time we are in, while quite unique, is likely a situation where there is so much momentum in the use (and misuse) of the US dollar in the entire (highly corrupted) international financial system that it won't likely die a quick death.

This may be why some of the most respected minds (including Ed Dowd) discusses the concept of the US dollar "failing up" and this may in fact unfold in a pleomorphic dissolution of the US Dollar Hegemony resulting in a slow burn until the day finally arrives where the US dollar is in fact worthless. I personally don't believe this will happen incredibly soon but do believe the corruption of money printing in the fractional reserve system of finance that creates endless bubbles (currently in just about all asset classes EXCEPT PRECIOUS METALS) will ultimately cause incredible losses for many good people while the richest elites grab up the wealth when there's "blood in the streets" as the saying goes.

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Anyway, on to the latest headlines from my websites:

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This is really just a few of the recent posts but you can just surf around and see all the others. There's also a lot more in the que right now so more will be coming consistently.

Why am I writing so much about finances lately? I believe this is an opportune time to prevent losses that will unfold in the system.

When they will happen is like reading the tea leaves, lots of predictions, most of them are wrong.

A prominent voice who I won't mentioned (who has been wrong many times in the past but still gets a ton of praise for "correct" predictions) said that metals would surge massively yesterday.

No surprise, it didn't happen. At least not by the degree he said it would which was to "go vertical".

I don't personally think that will happen until the dollar goes bust and believe without a world war (which will hopefully be avoided eventhough there are pure psychopaths at the wheel) there's a lot more which will likely come before that.

Could I be wrong? Of course. The financial system could collapse tomorrow but I think "they" are trying for more of a slow burn type of pleomorphic dissolution of the US dollar, we will have to see...

I've probably rambled on enough for now but please let me know your thoughts by typing a comment in on the posts or hitting reply and sending me an email.

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Germ Theory, Terrain Theory or Pleomorphism? Microbiome to the Rescue!

Will the BRICS System Replace the Eurodollar for International Transactions?
    (if you aren't familiar with the Eurodollar - it's not the Euro - this article may be informative)

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