My first livestream today at 2pm Pacific

Published: Wed, 03/29/23


Have you ever heard the saying "Necessity is the Mother of Invention"? Apparently Plato said this...

If this is true - what is the Father of Invention?

That's the subject of my live stream today!

This might be a bit of an experiment because I'm testing out Sayer Ji's new free speech live streaming platform: Join me at 2pm Pacific Today

Note: I've been testing out the livestream setup and if you try to join me and there are any technical issues - look there on my channel (KnowingTheTruth) and I'll do a spontaneous "meeting" as a substitute if necessary. Those max out at 49 participants but this is pretty last minute so it may just be the two of us ;-)

I hope to see you on the stream today!

Best of Health,

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Here's a video about the new supplements.

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Our supplier also just did a massive price drop with a final sale on the Medithera units. It's like getting a German-made PEMF system for the price of a "made in China" system!

If you have questions about PEMF stuff give a call sometime or reply to this email and we can have a chat.

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