RotoMAAK Kickstarter Update #4 : THE ROTOMAAK WAS AT MRRF!!!!

Published: Mon, 03/17/14

, the RotoMAAK was at the 2014 Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) March 14-16. Mark VanDiepenbos of TeMAAK (Inventor of the RotoMAAK) was interviewed by Brian Benchoff from Hackday (VIDEO BELOW). Attached is also a little bonus of an Quadcopter Aerial Drone Video from the 2014 Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF). Please help us get the word out about the RotoMAAK, hours away from our Kickstarter Launch.
Click on the images below to watch the HACKADAY INTERVIEW and VIDEO OF MRRF
As we are days away from the official Kickstarter launch of the RotoMAAK, we are calling to you to help get the word out about this amazing machine. Please email the people you know will have an interest, post in your favorite forums and favorite social media about the RotoMAAK. Your help will directly have an impact on the success of the Kickstarter Campaign and allow us to provide the best device and support for you.