Published: Wed, 03/26/14


A complete and absolutely heartfelt thank you to everyone, from the RotoMAAK Team. Everyone who backed the project in pledges, Internet posts and shares, the articles writers and bloggers, and telling a friend...deserves our deepest thank you. 

Even though we are not officially funded, as the RotoMAAK Kickstarter does not end until Fri, Apr 18 2014 7:57 PM EDT, we are already hard at work creating video tutorials, developing a support structure, designing an e-commerce and support website, and preparing for production and shipping.


We also want to give the backers more for their pledges. We are pleased to announce that we will be adding Stretch Goals tomorrow 3-26-14. We are finalizing the levels, but the current 2 stretch goals are as follows:

1. FIRST STRETCH GOAL (Amount to be announced on 3-26-14):      

A Solderless RotoMAAK!

Currently there are a total of six solder joints. Two for the power plug, two for the speed control, and two on the motor. The others are screw terminals. We are currently discussing a stretch goal that would have allow us to ship a solderless RotoMAAK that would just have "quick connect" plugs for the backers. This would apply to every RotoMAAK Pledge level that has "hardware" in it.

2. SECOND STRETCH GOAL (Amount to be announced on 3-26-14):   

Black Melamine RotoMAAK!

All backers for RotoMAAK kits and Laser Cut Parts only kits, will have the Survey Option Choice of either a white or black melamine RotoMAAK


QUESTION 1: Are there resins, or what ever is used to produce the part, that are food safe. Like a glass reproduced for example.

ANSWER 1:  Right now there is not a food safe resin, that has been tested, "liquid" enough to work in a rotational casting procedure. After research on other resin suppliers sites, we can find the food safe material to make the molds to cast food out of (chocolate bunnies), but no hard resin to make cups etc. that you can eat or drink directly from.


QUESTION 2: Do you have any prototypes / test castings in the height range of 6-8 inches?

ANSWER 2: The Image you see in the picture below measures 7.5 in. in height. We do not have a final mold volume yet, as we are doing last minute laser cut design file adjustments to maximize the volume the RotoMAAK can take.


All of the above horse heads were cast from a wood carving.


The WHITE HORSE HEAD is cast SOLID. 22oz of resin. COST = $7.70

The BEIGE and CLEAR HORSE HEAD were hollow cast in the RotoMAAK.  6.4 oz of resin COST = $2.25

A difference of $5.45 and 15.6 oz of resin! Multiply that times 10 copies = savings of $50.45!


QUESTION 3: Will this be equally convenient to attain if the cast is shaped like a tube or does it have to be cube-like to have an even center of gravity?

ANSWER 3: The cavity does not have to be cube like, as long as you balance the mold in the machine. We will have a short "how to find the center of a odd shape mold" video in the how to section of our website, in a few weeks, along with other tutorials and resources.


QUESTION 4: With your machine, what do you do to keep the resin from bonding to the ABS mold? Does the standard store bought releasing agent work or does it require more?

ANSWER 4: The 3D printed ABS molds, that I have been using for certain parts, have been treated with the same mold release I use for the silicon molds. Also, if the ABS mold was vapor smoothed (Acetone Vapor Smoothing) the parts release even better along with the mold release spray. I am very interested in trying the flexible filament (Ninja Flex), and the new Taulman "Bridge" filament.

Okay that's it for now. Thank you again everyone and please keep posting and sharing the RotoMAAK everywhere you can, so the campaign can already be on its way to achieving the stretch goals.



The RotoMAAK Kickstarter is live now! We are calling to you to help get the word out about this amazing machine. Please email the people you know will have an interest, post in your favorite forums and favorite social media about the RotoMAAK. Your help will directly have an impact on the success of the Kickstarter Campaign and allow us to provide the best device and support for you. Visit our page or search for ROTOMAAK on
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