RotoMAAK Kickstarter Update #10: REMEMBER MATTHEW LESKO?

Published: Fri, 04/04/14

Remember Matthew Lesko? The guy that wore the suit with all the Question Marks and screamed about FREE MONEY!!!? Well the new Matthew Lesko YouTube/Radio Show contacted Mark and asked him to be on the new show talking about the Kickstarter Campaign and the RotoMAAK!

Mark said he had the opportunity to talk to Matthew for 45 mins before the actual interview and revealed, that he would have enjoyed talking to Matthew for hours, as his offscreen personality is much different :). 

This interview (viewable below) is a fantastic opportunity to understand more about the RotoMAAK, the Maker Movement, and current education in America. This video is a great watch and has valuable content in it. Enough of reading about it...WATCH IT NOW!
The RotoMAAK Kickstarter is live now! We are calling to you to help get the word out about this amazing machine. Please email the people you know will have an interest, post in your favorite forums and favorite social media about the RotoMAAK. Your help will directly have an impact on the success of the Kickstarter Campaign and allow us to provide the best device and support for you. Visit our page or search for ROTOMAAK on
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