RotoMAAK Kickstarter Update #11: STRETCH GOAL AMOUNT REVEALED!! (With a sneak peak...)

Published: Wed, 04/16/14

Hello All,

67 more hours to go! In this update we are announcing the Stretch Goal amounts officially. The Black Melamine Stretch Goal amount is $35,000 and you have achieved that! The next stretch goal is $45,000 and it is for a solderless RotoMAAK at no extra charge!


We have been working hard on the finalized version of the RotoMAAK... and guess what? The OFFICIAL MOLD AREA of the RotoMAAK is now 11 1/4in  x 12in!!!

Now for you Black Melamine stretch goal voters...


Backers, it is important for each of you to understand that you are a part of the RotoMAAK. Any backer that has contributed even a dollar to the RotoMAAK Kickstarter Campaign has ownership in this Kickstarter Campaign. This is YOUR Kickstarter, as much as it is for the RotoMAAK Team. Everything you have contributed financially and the information you have shared through social media, the web, and your friends have tremendously helped this campaign and will tremendously help YOU is officially launched with the online shop, tutorial videos, and the community forum, where we all can benefit from each other's experience with this game changing machine.

From now until the end of this Kickstarter Campaign on Fri, Apr 18 2014 7:57 PM EDT, treat this Kickstarter Campaign just like you launched it, because guess what? You did! Take as much pride in it that we have, and share it with everyone you know. Let them know you are a backer for a cutting edge creation machine!

Good Wishes,

The RotoMAAK Team

The RotoMAAK Kickstarter is live now! We are calling to you to help get the word out about this amazing machine. Please email the people you know will have an interest, post in your favorite forums and favorite social media about the RotoMAAK. Your help will directly have an impact on the success of the Kickstarter Campaign and allow us to provide the best device and support for you. Visit our page or search for ROTOMAAK on
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