RotoMAAK Kickstarter Update #14: Official Dial Indicator (Designed months ago)

Published: Sat, 04/19/14

Hello backers,

Last night, Laird Popkin (one of you great backers), posted the following comment:

"Two questions:  

1) What will the "build area" be? How large an object will fit into the RotoMAAK?  

2) Can we get knobs that go up to 11?"

We replied with the following comment:

"@Laird Popkin  

1. The official mold holding area is now 11 1/4in x 12in. This is posted in UPDATE #6 along with the final design in Black Melamine HERE -> . How large of an object is truly determined by the thickness of you mold. 

2. Yes. They are available for purchase here -> Have a good day Laird :) 

-RotoMAAK Team"

Regarding answer/question number 2... we actually wanted to save this, as a surprise, for anyone with full kits on the day they opened the box, but after posting the link to the 11 knob we didn't want anyone to unnecessarily buy something they wouldn't need. 

Why woudn't they need it? Well the image below is 100% Official. In NO WAY shape or form is this just us kidding. This is the EXACT INDICATOR shipping with the RotoMAAK. Enjoy!

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