RotoMAAK Kickstarter Update: Wood Kits and Skulls Shipping Soon!

Published: Wed, 07/16/14

Hello Backers,

Well, we missed our shipping deadlines, but it's only due to the procurement of proper boxes and packing material for the pledges. Somewhat out of our control and we didn't expect this much of a problem. We have it solved now and will have the materials to ship in approximately 2 weeks. It's not as easy to ship this wood (without fail) as it is a microcontroller or other gadget from Kickstarter. Good news is, once this is done everything else should go smoothly, as we have had ZERO issues with manufacturing and purchasing. This is good for additional orders through when the store goes online. 

The Skull Business Card Holder pledges and the Wood Cut Kit Pledges are done! See below.

There are some other exciting updates right behind this one regarding how we can't stop Mark from making this machine better and easier to put together for you! 

Warm Regards,

The RotoMAAK Team

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