RotoMAAK Kickstarter Update: New! Better! Prettier! Cost Effective! Pulley Wheel System

Published: Wed, 07/16/14

Hello Backers,

As stated before, we can't stop Mark VanDiepenbos from making this machine better for you! Mark has redesigned the pulleys wheels so they have less parts and are able to be made by you with a 3D printer, or a cast off an existing 3D print of them! It will also allow us to fulfill the pledges faster with this type of part manufacturing. What?!!! That's insane... and genius!

New Pulleys, the orange ones are originally 3D printed. We will have the .stl files available on the website. The black ones are cast with Alumilite regular urethane resin. This make a very strong pulley and replaces the wooden pulleys and associated hardware.
Silicon mold poured from the 3D printed original pulley, ready to cast and MAAK many
Large top pulley in mother mold and ready to pour the silicon mold. Original part glued down to a piece of glass. The 3D Printed Pulley is hot melt glued down so that it won't float in the silicon and the silicon is Degassed in a vacuum chamber to remove all air bubbles trapped from mixing, before slowly pouring over original and making sure not to trap any air while pouring over features.
Small side pulley is ready to pour silicon to create the mold to cast the small pulley. The size and final use for both of the pulleys are NOT rotocast since we want them solid.

3D Printed Pulleys from our backers below: 

Jerry LePore and John Goggin. (Thanks guys)

Shhh... Do you hear that? It's the BOM right around the corner.


We are finalizing the BOM as you read this and even adding pictures to help people in the build. We are going through the triple check process to make sure there are no questions when we release the build, as we are heavy into production now and wouldn't have time for build support on the BOM. 

We will be releasing the STL file for the Pulley Wheels tonight and we will post another update then to notify you. 

Warm Regards,

The RotoMAAK Team

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