RotoMAAK Kickstarter Update "Take 2" : Interviews from Makers about the RotoMAAK

Published: Wed, 02/26/14

SORRY EVERYONE: Yesterday our 3rd party email newsletter service went down and some of you were not able to view this email sent out on 2-25-14, so we are sending again. Thanks for taking the time to review this email again.
, We want to thank you for being one of the early individuals to inquire and sign up for notifications about the Kickstarter launch of the RotoMAAK. We have been working hard, not only to make the RotoMAAK an incredible product that will dramatically enhance a Makers abilities, but to launch one of the smoothest and fastest Kickstarter Campaigns to date. We are also focused heavily on the support structure, tutorial videos, and documentation for our future customers (you).

Video Interviews from Globally known Makers about the RotoMAAK!
Click on the images below to see interviews from Steve Wygant aka "Part Daddy" and John Oly aka "Oly" from SeeMeCNC, discussing the potential of the RotoMAAK. Brian VanDiepenbos also shows us the facilities that will manufacture the majority of the RotoMAAK at Laser Accents in Goshen, IN.
As we are days away from the official Kickstarter launch of the RotoMAAK, we are calling to you to help get the word out about this amazing machine. Please email the people you know will have an interest, post in your favorite forums and favorite social media about the RotoMAAK. Your help will directly have an impact on the success of the Kickstarter Campaign and allow us to provide the best device and support for you.