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Published: Fri, 10/22/21

Hello to my amazing readers!

THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments about He Said Never. It has been an amazing release week.

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I've been smiling at the reviews from readers about how much they enjoy watching Dominic learn how to be a good big brother while still being. . .Dominic.
It is fun to write about him as a father and revisit with Judy as she grows up. Here is one of my favorite parts of He Said Never. . .

As soon as we were alone, I stood. Questions were circling
in my head that I could no longer hold back. “Dominic, why did you think Gavin
wouldn’t be here today?”

At first Dominic said nothing.

I glanced back at Gavin, who was equally silent.

I advanced on Dominic. “I know you care about me; that’s
not what’s in question here. I want the truth, though. Dominic, have you been
running off my dates?”

Although he looked uncomfortable, he held my gaze. “Yes.”

Until confirmation came out of his mouth, I hadn’t
believed it. I’d feared it might be, but I hadn’t allowed myself to accept that
he would really do it. “Why?”

He pocketed his hands and shrugged. “There’s only one way
to know for sure if someone is after your money.”

My hand flew to my mouth as I imagined all sorts of ways
he might have done it. “You didn’t hurt them, did you?”

He didn’t look sorry. “All I did was offer them a tempting
sum if they broke it off with you. Really, you should be thanking me. Anyone
who took the money was someone who would have eventually disappointed you.”

Gavin stood. “He does have a point.” He looked angry, and
I wondered if the conversation reminded him that his mother had chosen money
over him. “Your delivery sucks, but I understand your intention.”

“I don’t require your approval, Wenham.”

I stepped between them. “Don’t talk to Gavin that way.”

Dominic raised both hands in mock surrender. “I’m fine
with him now. He came today, and that says all I need to know.”

He came? “Why did you think he
wouldn’t?” As a horrific thought occurred to me, my mouth rounded in horror. “What
did you do?”

Gavin came to stand beside me. “If you were at all
involved in today, Dominic, you went too far.”

“I didn’t make the situation, Wenham. You and your father
did that. All I did was encourage it to peak today.”

Gavin leaned forward. “You bastard.”

“I needed to know.”

“My silence should have been enough.”

I broke in. “Your silence? Gavin, what are you talking

Without looking away from Dominic, Gavin growled, “This is
between your brother and me. I didn’t have a problem with you before, Dominic.
I was actually on your side. I have a problem with you now. I warned you to
stay the hell out of my family’s business.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My head was
spinning. “Stop. Just stop.” They both turned their attention to me. “I want
the truth. All of it. No more dancing around what’s going on. Which one of you
wants to tell me?”

Neither man spoke.

Judy appeared at my side. “Dad, how could you? This is why
I’ll never tell you when I’m interested in someone. This right here. It’s too
much, Dad.”

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And keep telling me what you love.
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