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[SBWG] Protect Yourself From Router Exploit

Published: Tue, 06/26/18

The Small Business Website Guy Hi,, If you heard the warning from the Department of Homeland Security and rebooted your router, don't assume that's…

[SBWG] Is GDPR Compliance The Problem?

Published: Thu, 05/24/18

The Small Business Website Guy Hi,, The uproar over GDPR has been raging for several weeks now and a lot of website owners are either in a frenzy of…

[SBWG] Warning! WordPress 4.9.6 Is Coming

Published: Tue, 05/15/18

The Small Business Website Guy Hi,, A new WordPress update is coming and it's not the typical point release. Be careful with this one! Read my latest…

[SBWG] MalwareBytes Update Issue

Published: Mon, 10/16/17

If you use MalwareBytes you need to be aware of a recent MalwareBytes update issue that could cause the software to disappear from your computer. If…

[SBWG] Google Issues New HTTPS Guidelines

Published: Tue, 08/29/17

I've just posted a new article to my blog regarding Google's latest move to push every website to HTTPS. These new guidelines will affect you if you…

[SBWG] BLAB Automates Your Bookings

Published: Thu, 08/03/17

I recently signed up for a service which automates bookings for consultations and other similar services. You can see my booking page here:…

[SBWG] Google's SSL changes are coming fast!

Published: Tue, 01/24/17

Hi,, You may have heard that Google will soon start penalizing sites that are not secured with SSL certificates. The first phase is to flag sites that…

[SBWG] Joyous Hanukwanzamas! :-)

Published: Sat, 12/24/16

Hi,, Despite the facetious title, I want to offer my sincere best wishes for the holiday season to you and yours. May your celebration be joyful and…

[SBWG] One more note about Firefox...

Published: Thu, 12/01/16

Hi, ,It was pointed out to me that users of Firefo will need to make sure to update to the latest version to get the security patch mentioned earlier.

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