ACTION ALERT: Protect Bermudian Waters, Save Sharks

Published: Thu, 10/17/13

The Shark Line
October 17, 3013
Dear ,

The Bermuda Sustainable Development Department is soliciting public comments on establishing a marine reserve in the offshore waters of Bermuda's Exclusive Economic Zone.  This marine reserve will protect many species of sharks. 

Will you take thirty seconds to answer four simple questions in a government survey?

The survey consists of just four brief questions.

Please answer YES for Question #1.

Choose OPTION 1 or OPTION 4 for Question #2:

OPTION 1 Yes - Protect three quarters (3/4) of our Exclusive Economic Zone.


OPTION 4 Yes - Bermuda should create a marine reserve in our Exclusive Economic Zone, but I would propose a different design (size, location, shape, and protections).

Copy and past the following comment into Question #3 which also provides an opportunity for you to expand on why we need large marine protected areas, especially in Bermuda.  What are your reasons for wanting to protected the ocean?:

"If we made the marine reserve from 50 miles to 200 miles then the new Marine Reserve would be larger than the Great Barrier Reef, and there is considerable evidence to suggest that the tourism benefits would increase significantly without any impact on current fishing or recreational practice."

Thank you for your continued support.


A.J. Sablan
Shark Defenders

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