Navigating the Fall 2011 Fashions

Published: Thu, 09/01/11


Navigating the Fall 2011 Fashions
Fall No.2                          Thursday, September 1, 2011  

Activities, Clothing & Routines I enjoy partaking in with the arrival of Fall:

  • Editing my closet

  • Setting goals for the new year
  • Adding a few more low-lights
  • Stocking up on Thank You cards
  • Watching the season premieres of my favorite shows
  • Pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks
  • Wearing layers - cardigans, cowl neck sweaters and cashmere
  • Tucking my jeans into boots
  • Watching the brilliant show of colors as the leaves slowly change


    eptember's arrival signals the changing of gears and the need to be on our toes and ready tackle the many demands as well as opportunities that will certainly come our way. And as our lives change gears, so too changes what we pull out of our closets each day. While many work year round, summer still tends to be a time when schedules become a bit looser as employees take their vacations and not everyone is in their office keeping the same routine. September gives everyone a chance to reboot, refocus and charge ahead with the goal of improving upon how things were done last year. And while it may seem superficial and unimportant, the clothes we choose to wear help each of us set the tone for how we'd like each day to go and how we'd like to be treated which is very substantial indeed.
    Recently on an episode of Project Runway, Marie Claire's Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles stated,"Clothes are emotional.When you put them on they make you feel something and they make other people feel something when they see you in them." I couldn't agree more. The clothes we choose to wear each morning as we're imagining the day ahead help to create what we hope will manifest.  We must dress how we wish to be treated.  If we wish to be taken seriously and with respect from our peers and superiors, we must choose well-tailored and wrinkle-free clothes that convey the proper message in the particular setting we are about to enter. No matter how you might be feeling inside - perhaps you are not as confident as you'd like to be as you are scheduled to give a presentation to your colleagues - it is the portrayal of confidence in the clothes you wear that will help begin the presentation on the right foot and then your actions must maintain the first impression you clothes have helped you achieve. "That's the point of fashion. It's transformative."
    With that said, throughout the fall newsletter you will discover a list of runway trends that are worth investing in, as well as trends that while they shouldn't be something you'd want to spend a pretty few pennies on, you still will want to consider bringing a piece or two into your wardrobe to update foundational elements in your closet that you already have. 
    To know who you are is to have a signature style, and so I invite you to always keep in mind your body type, the assets you want to highlight and visa versa, and quickly discern which looks would not be something to spend time on so that you have more time to contemplate and shop for those trends that would.
    Speaking of creating your own signature style. This fall four well known designers are revealing brand new scents and some for the very first time - Elie Saab for example. While I'm sure many of you, like myself, have become accustomed to one unique scent or two to rotate between as the seasons change, I encourage you to take a look at the scent descriptions of each because I have a feeling you might just want to add one of them to your collection (personally Elie Saab's is aching to be worn on a lovely evening out and Diane von Furstenberg's looks to be something that might just challenge my Chloe).
    More than anything this fall is yet another opportunity to bring your best self to whatever occasions you will be heavily involved with. Whether it be at the office, in the classroom, at home, in the daily carpool activities, out for dinner or getting involved in charitable events, be sure to look your best, mix the high and low items in your closet, purchase a few new items to plump up your options and be confident that you have amazing gifts to offer and look forward to working together and helping make this season the best season yet.
    Happy shopping and here's to being simply luxurious this season and always.

    P.S. A few helpful posts to help pull together a complete and highly functioning closet as well as your most beautiful self:

    ~~~~~~Fall 2011~~~~~
    Investment Pieces Include:
    • scarf dresses
    • below-the-knee skirts
    • tie neck blouses
    • cropped pants
    • flare jeans
    • camel
    • subtle sequins
    • pea coats
    • navy/gray
    • wool trousers
    • monochromatic

    Trends To Have Fun With:
    • 40s style print dresses
    • gold/opulence
    • polka dots
    • capes
    • bold color coats

    • pointed toe pumps
    • loafer pumps
    • wedges
    • high boots
    • oversized clutches

      Styles That Are Worth Investing In
      Scarf Dresses
      Marc by Marc Jacobs - 'Michaela' silk dress $500
      Below-the-Knee Skirts
      Michael Kors - broadcloth slashed skirt - $1195
      Tie Neck Blouses
      Rachel Zoe - tie neck white silk blouse and in black- $295
      St. John - satin tie neck top $395
      Cropped Pants
      Jason Wu - bi-stretch pants - $795
      Flare Jeans
      Citizens of Humanity -'hutton' mid-rise flare jeans -$190

      Michael Kors - click here for the entire outfit

      Subtle Sequins
      Michael Kors - halter dress $14,000
      Elie Saab 


      Elie Saab
      Pea Coats
      Louis Vuitton 

      Jason Wu
      Wool Trousers
      Banana Republic - wool trousers - $110
      Elie Saab
      Donna Karan
      Trends to Have Fun with for a Season
      40s Style Print Dresses
      Oscar de la Renta
      Diane von Furstenberg - polished embellished dress $765
      Polka Dots
      Stella McCartney

      J.Crew - the great caper - $398
      Rachel Zoe
      Bold Color Coats
      *Tatum dusted-python clutch - $325
      *Stuart Weitzman 'Vim' boot - $695
      *Stella McCartney faux patent-leather slingbacks - $645
      *Report 'bishop' loafer pump - $98.95
      *Oscar de la Renta 24 karat gold-plated ridged cuff - $290
      *Vince Camuto 'Jerrell' bootie - $138.95
      *Schutz penny loafer pump - $210
      Shopping Picks & Finds
      *Alexis Bittar blush cuff - $225
      *Ann Taylor black and white blouse - $88
      *Dara Ettinger earrings $105
      *Michael Kors 'Blair' espresso watch - $250
      *Malene Birger lupa twill dress - $475
      *The Row - fessing camel wool coat - $2,900
      *Diane von Furstenberg - harrington brushed turquoise coat - $695
      *MICHAEL Michael Kors 'elgin' leather pumps - $250
      *Elie Tahari - 'Ava' jacket - $348
      *Eliza J tie neck dress - $138

      New Perfumes

      Elie Saab Le Parfum $90-$120
      Description:  a melange of white flowers, cedar woods and a drop of honey - 'a refined fragrance with a Mediterranean spirit."


      Michael Kors "Gold" 1.7 oz $75

      Description: 'unselfish conscious glamour' otherwise meaning tuberose, magnolia, orange blossom and an immodest amount of musk.

      Diane von Furstenberg 'Diane' perfume

      Description: with scents of frangipani and violet - a florally wood smell as she does not like fruits in her perfumes. "The power of women in a bottle." "It's as personal as I can possibly make it." "Perfume is a weapon for women, and it has been one since antiquity!" "A woman who does not wear perfume has no future." quotes from Diane von Furstenberg


      Oscar de la Renta "Live in Love" perfume

      Description:  green flowery notes of ginger orchid and lily of the valley

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