The Simply Luxurious Life newsletter #171

Published: Fri, 11/01/13

Friday, November 1, 2013                                 Issue #171

Whether it is propelling a hot air balloon into the sky, enduring months of training prior to an athletic event or feeling secure in a healthy, loving relationship, the main requirement for each of these worthwhile ventures is investing upfront. 

In order to attain the success we seek, we must be willing to expend energy initially without the certainty of how things will work out. However, if we do our homework beforehand, the blossoms will eventually appear on the tree if we have patience. 

Whatever it is you wish to materialize in your life, be willing to invest in it. Whether it is spending money to set up your first business venture, dedicating your extra time to hours on the road training for a marathon or setting your relationship as a priority to allow it to become the bond you seek, be willing to put forth the necessary energy. 

And as tempting as it is to look into the future to see if all of our hard work and money will be worth it, such a foresight is impossible to gain. It is the power of our thoughts, the belief in ourselves, and the dedication we put forth that will ultimately determine our success. So as fun as horoscopes can be (I too love to glance occasionally), here are a few reasons to put down the astrology.

In this week's newsletter, a post dog-lovers may enjoy, if only for the pictures, and discover fantastic tips from readers as they joined the discussion on Facebook to let TSLL what worked well when a bad day occurred. 

On a first-to-know exclusive, I am excited to share that a blog remodel is occurring over the weekend and will be revealed early next week! Don't worry, all of the archives you've come to enjoy and simple layout will remain, but hopefully easier navigation for finding exactly what you want. On that note, if for some reason during Saturday or Sunday, the links in the newsletter don't click through, have patience, as within a day they will work.

And with that, November begins! What? Where did October go? Oh well, I can't complain, as the Pacific Northwest has been fortunate to have the most beautiful and delightful fall. And now, I must admit, I'm getting excited for the festive, cozy holidays to begin. In preparation for said holidays, this weekend is fall release here in Walla Walla wine country, so I'll be out touring the tasting rooms looking for the perfect wine for the holiday soirees and gatherings. Be sure to follow along on Instagram, as I have a feeling some beautiful and fun shots will be captured (fingers crossed). 

With that, thank you for your patience as the blog takes on a new, updated facelift, and until next week, I'll see you on the blog.

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  • What remedies have you found to fix a bad day?       Great ideas have already been shared from a hot bath, rose water, curling up with a good book and diving into decor projects. Have a look and please do share your tricks as well!
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One of my favorite fall styling options is to wear dark denim skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots. Whether with a wedge, heel or flats, they epitomize chic fall style and don't require a pedicure. Wear with an oversize sweater or shirt and a blazer for a day look that won't disappoint.
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"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however."

-Richard David Bach

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