The Simply Luxurious Life newsletter #240

Published: Fri, 03/13/15

Friday March 13, 2015                                                                             Issue #240


Many, many thoughts have the ability to ramrod their way around into our minds each and every minute. For a long time, in some genuine way, I saw this natural phenomenon as a curse.  But then as I began to heed the creative positive ideas that such thoughts produced I began to see their power for good, to help transform my life into something I could have never imagined. 

One spark of an idea that I pursued was TSLL blog, another making my first journey and subsequent journeys to France when no one in my family had ever traveled outside the continent, and yet another example was when I cajoled my mom into designing original dresses with odd and unexpected cut-outs for my high school dances (thank you Mom for indulging me), but here is where I begin to digress.  My point in sharing my incessant brain percolations is that there is a reason our minds race, but the key, which I have been working on for the past few years and am now diving into more fully having read 10% Happier, is quelling the negativity that haunts us and sculpting the muscle that is our mind to work on our behalf. In other words, controlling our mind and demanding that it work for us, not against us.


Believe me when I say it is as simple as meditation, but it is at the same time, as initially frustrating as meditation.

When we can discover how to observe our own thoughts, distance ourselves from them and understand why we have them, we give ourselves back the power of what our minds want us to achieve. Because we are oh, so amazingly capable of far more than we might imagine.

When we can learn and execute deep breathing practices on a regular basis, refrain from letting our emotions rule our decision-making (fear, anger, impulse exuberance that leads to regret, etc), we allow ourselves more freedom, thereby more tranquility and believe it or not a healthier body and being.

So do I think my once described "over" active mind is a curse now? Such a statement could not be further from the truth. To have the gift of a mind that explores, dances, and dares to come up with ideas that initially may seem absurd is to have struct the jackpot. Now it is my responsibility to get out of the way, put the necessary time in and then go forward with faith.

Now I could be wrong, but I have a feeling I am not alone when it comes to active minds. Trust me, when I say, you are fortunate, now master this gift. It will lead to amazing revelations. 

And speaking of moving forward, this past week feels as though we have dove head first into spring: warm 70 degree days here in the Pacific Northwest, evenings spent outside writing, reading and playing fetch with the dogs in the yard, and without thinking twice, I did not miss my lost hour of sleep. Did you?

In this week's newsletter, listeners and readers enjoyed and took time to share items to add to this week's episode of The Simple Sophisticate. Having shared my must-have lifestyle grocery list, I was quick to add a few more items per reader suggestions: passport and pens just to name a few.

Books as well were aplenty this week on the blog as five books that were either just released or will be soon were shared on Letter from the Editor.

And if you've been thinking fashion has been neglected as of late on the blog, have no fear because on Sunday the Spring Shopping Guide will arrive in your inbox. At that time you will be able to shop to your heart's delight.

​Whether it rains or shines this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful next few days. Thank you very much for your interest in living simply luxuriously. Until next week, I'll see you on the blog.


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