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Published: Fri, 01/22/16

Friday January 22, 2016          ISSUE #284


One more full week of January lays ahead of us, and I cannot help but ask myself and you, how is the first month of 2016 going? If you are nodding your head with a gradual smile, then why not determine what it is that you have been doing that has invited this response. After all, eleven more months of that feeling, yes please!

If instead, you are frustrated, agitated and distraught by the first stage of the new year, don't worry. You have eleven more months to correct your course. You can absolutely do it. In 2012 I shared this post about recognizing the stages of making a life change because changing the life we have into something we want is a process. It requires patience, and if we think about the definition of patience as what we are doing while we are waiting, the key is to enjoy the present, be disciplined as we gradually make progress and enjoy the journey. 

Cultivating the change we wish to see in ourselves takes work, but the work is well worth it if indeed we are clear about where we are going. I must admit, I have to remind myself from time to time that the life I want will not materialize simply because I want it, and despite the fact that what I am wishing for hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't happen eventually. It just takes time. So don't worry. If January didn't go as well as you had hoped, get back up on that horse, toss out the cookies, forget about online dating and enjoy the life right outside your front door waiting to be enjoyed. Let life show you how to live and perhaps refrain from making demands on what life should be giving you. Like it or not, it doesn't always work that way. And while I know we all know this, accepting it when things aren't going our way is sometimes difficult. Hang in there. 2016 is far from done, and you have a lot to offer.

In this week's newsletter you will find the concluding third part of the "How to Create a Blog You Love" series. Focusing on social networking and monetizing, the feedback from readers has been extremely positive. I want to thank you for your patience as this post has been requested for some time, but I do hope it provided answers to some of your questions if you too were contemplating starting your own blog. (And if you are still not sure if you should begin, I direct you to the quote at the bottom of today's newsletter.)

Also, TSLL Planner templates continue to attract interest as readers organize their planners for 2016 in style and simplicity. Many have been requesting a week-at-a-glance two-page template, and be sure, you can expect one by the end of this month. So stay tuned. 

Whether 2016 began well or ho-hum, I have a feeling you have many reasons to be thankful. I want to encourage and remind you that this year will be exactly as you make it. No matter the obstacles, no matter the unexpected twists and turns, your approach, your attitude and your preparedness will ensure that it will go better than expected. In that I can be sure. Thank you for subscribing to TSLL weekly newsletter, and until next week, I'll see you on the blog!


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