The Simply Luxurious Life newsletter #295

Published: Fri, 04/08/16

Friday April 8, 2016          ISSUE #295



From where do you seek advice? From whom? A particular person? Books? Seminars? Research? The sources available can be compiled into an endless list no doubt. 

One of the significant life lessons I have learned as I have been moving through my thirties is to seek advice from a source who is an expert in that particular subject matter. I know, it sounds moronic to have to be reminded of us, but sometimes we want advice, suggestions on what to do, so badly that we will seek anybody who will lend us their thoughts on the topic. And that isn't always a wise move.

On the flip side, when we do take the time to seek out an expert who has succeeded in the field we are inquiring about, the results and the peace of mind are priceless. 

Case in point: In my new house, I have the gift of a landscape and yard that has an immense amount of potential, but needs some serious love and attention. I have been contemplating exactly what to do, but also didn't know exactly how to do it. And so, with the visit this past weekend from my mom, and with her expertise, I now feel confident of the direction I wish to travel.

However, I didn't merely seek her out because she was my mom. No, no, no. You see, my mom is an unofficial master gardener. Her vast yard that she has been tending to for decades since I was a young girl is an outdoor escape I thoroughly enjoy stepping into in the warm summer months. From the plethora of daffodils that burst in the spring to her moonlit garden and of course her vegetable garden which is its own little farmer's market. Oh, and don't forget her peonies which she does take to the farmer's market in the late spring as people quickly purchase and take the bountiful blooms to their own homes to enjoy. Needless to say, she is an expert in the field of gardening, plants and working her magic with Mother Nature. And I look forward to seeing what can become of my new yard with her advice.

Often when we impatiently seek out advice from anyone who will listen, we are revealing more about what we want to hear. More often then not, we seek out the person based on what we think they will tell us. In others, we want the decision we think we should or want to pursue to be validated by someone, even if that decision shouldn't be validated. 

The advice that is not only a relief to hear and a treat to hear is advice that is the good news we'd hoped for from someone who knows exactly what they are talking about. However, as we know sometimes we need to hear constructive criticism or ideas that while we may know intuitively are accurate, are hard to accept. The bright side when this is our experience is that we can trust the source.

So today, whether it's gardening advice, relationship advice, money or any other number of topics you may be curious about, seek out the expert that knows of what they speak and can be trusted to give you an honest answer.

Speaking of sharing advice, many readers ask me to write posts about the topic of children, marriage and even weddings, and I must revert back to what I have shared above, while I would love to have the advice you seek, I am not an expert in these arenas because I haven't personally experienced any of them. It is not that I don't value and cherish these experiences I know many of you are living through; it's simply I can only be the expert in living simply luxuriously in the way I have personally discovered. I absolutely recognize and know first-hand many women who live simply luxurious lives who have children and are married. In fact, you met one of them last week! And so the good news is, we all can tailor the concept and approach of living a refined life on an everyday income to our daily lives no matter what they entail.

With that said, this week's episode of the podcast shares more than 11 ways you can live simply each and everyday and cultivate a grand and full life. Also, some of my essential clothing items are loungewear garments which inspired this week's Why Not . . . ? post. Discover what they are, do some shopping while you're at it and consider beginning and ending your day in luxurious style and comfort. 

​​​​​​​I do hope you've had a lovely week. While I am looking forward to the weekend, I am looking back appreciating the productivity the past week has provided which makes the next two days off all the more luxurious. Wishing you a lovely weekend and until next week, I'll see you on the blog!


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