The Simply Luxurious Life newsletter #303

Published: Fri, 06/03/16

Friday June 3, 2016          ISSUE #303


​​​​​​​June is here. Hello beautiful month of shifting, warmth, immense daylight and a deep breath. Shifting of course is in reference to the change of schedules, from have-tos to love-tos. As well, there is much shifting going on in my home when it comes to decor. As I spoke about in this week's episode of the podcast, no matter where we live, we can always pay attention to 11 aspects to ensure our home becomes our sanctuary, and I have been doing just that. One is seen ever so briefly in the IG pic below with Norman. Yes, a new sofa. 

The arrival of the new sofa came last weekend, which meant finding a new home for my sofa of ten years. Oddly, it was hard to say good-bye to that sofa. Even just writing that sentence feels odd. IT'S A SOFA! But it was more of the memories that occurred with the sofa present and also a letting go of a former way of facing and navigating life. 

What do I mean by that last statement?

I mentioned briefly in this week's episode, but I will go into it more here, I have always been a "white and neutral" girl upon decorating the homes I've owned. Careful not to make any decisions that would make it "unsellable" and to ensure more favorability from more people, I defaulted to white and neutral when it came to large pieces of furniture as well as sheets, linens, etc. Now, while I will forever love the simplicity of white, I am now confident in what I love. What shades speak to me, and am willing to make choices involving my favorite color because it suits me, suits my decor needs and creates the mood I love and wish to have more of in my life. 

Why is this significant? What this certainty has revealed to me is that I am more confident in who I am, what I desire, what I do and do not need, and it reminded me that I am more confident making decisions that are permanent, dismissing the fact that some people may or may not like what I have decided. Reaching this stage is truly cathartic, but also to say goodbye to the unsure, wide-eyed wondering me held a bit of nostalgia as I know she was doing the best she could. Part of me wishes she could have reached the stage I am at now sooner, but then I wouldn't have had the wealth of experiences to draw upon, learn from and write about. 

So as I type, I am curled up on my new chambray/baby blue sofa with Norman snuggled up next to me, a Diptyque Santal candle burning on  the table next to me as I hear my teapot whistling from the kitchen reminding me to sip some evening comfort with my dark chocolate truffle. Some people may understand my choice, some people may not, but it was my choice and I am settling in to loving living a life that fits best for me and wasn't designed to please the unknowns. 

Speaking of change and inspiration to change, books provide this gift again and again and again. And so I am excited to share with you my Top 10 Books to Read This Summer in this week's Why Not . . . ? post. At the top of the list is a book I devoured this past weekend in a matter of an afternoon and an evening and will be talking about more in depth on June 13th episode of the podcast (tune in and learn how to win a free copy). The other nine are absolute keepers as well. Be sure to take a look.

Most importantly, welcome to the weekend. Whatever your plans entail, I hope you have a marvelous time doing what you love to do. I will be finding time to watch the French Open (Roland Garros) in between the deluge of rain Paris is currently experiencing, as well as hopping on my paddleboard with my dogs to enjoy the early mornings here in Bend. I cannot thank you enough for stopping by and sharing the similar interest of living a simply luxurious life. May you enjoy the life of contentment you have created and are continuing to create for you and those you love. Until next week, I'll see you on the blog.


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