The Simply Luxurious Life newsletter #312

Published: Fri, 08/05/16

Friday August 5, 2016          ISSUE #312


A new month, the start of the summer Olympics (has it already been four years?!), and a new, successful approach to eating, grocery shopping and spending time in the kitchen.

On Wednesday, I released TSLL Capsule Weekly Menu in a detailed post. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as it has become clear to me, from my own experience and conversations with others, we want to eat well, but we also want to eat delicious meals while staying within our budget. At the same time, where do we find the time? How can we make it simple? Well, that is what the Capsule Weekly Menu Planning Approach is all about. I do hope you find it to be an enhancement your everyday in a variety of arenas in your life. I know it has simplified and made spending time in the kitchen a truly enjoyable experience for me over the years, as well as given me confidence in the quality of food I am eating.

Speaking of the daily routines we put into place for our lives, they truly have the power to enhance or deflate how we feel when we wake up, when we go to bed and everything in between. I happened to be reading an article summarizing David Buettner's successful book about how to attain happiness, Thrive: Finding Happiness in the Blue Zones, and I began to see a lovely pattern. My journey to purposefully improve the quality of my life through conscious decisions and paying attention to the everyday routines, connections and thoughts that run through my mind were playing a crucial part in why the quality of my life was improving. Some of the changes he proposes will take time (i.e. finding the town that is best fit for you based on key components), but others can occur in a day (i.e. do you have a pride spot in your home - a place where those you love and the accomplishments you are proud of are displayed so you can be reminded of what is going well?).

Our lives are ours to mold into what works for us. If something isn't working, don't assume you will just have to get used to it. No you do not. It may take some deep investigating and further understanding as to how to make the necessary change, but it is possible. Your life is yours. Live with intention. Not only will your life become more fulfilling and enjoyable to live each and every day, but you will inspire those around you to enjoy their everydays as well and make the most of the life they have been given. 

Speaking of an everyday enjoyable moment. I have begun posting a new random series of posts titled "Petite Posts". Basically, anytime I want to share something that isn't too in-depth or extensive, but I think you might enjoy, I will post a "Petite Post". Well, there were two things I wanted to share this week: first, my unabashed interest in The Great British Bake Off (as well, I wanted to answer all of the questions I had - why did PBS change the name? Which "series" aligns with which "season"? It's an interesting answer, as you will discover.) and second, my thoughts and inaugural experience with Instagram's new feature to rival SnapChat, "Stories". As you will see below, my Oscar had a starring role, but it was a story that captured what I was up to on Wednesday afternoon - baking a chocolate tart. So I took a few pics, captured Oscar on the back porch relaxing and voila! I don't know about you, but as one reader pointed out, having one social media app that does both things instead of two sure sounds like a simplified approach.   

It has been a fun and exciting week here on TSLL blog, and I hope your week went just as well. For everyone who has ordered the TSLL Capsule Weekly Menu notepad (both French or English), they are shipping out today! So expect them to arrive in your mailbox next week. And as one reader shared with me, she is gifting them to her sister who is starting college in the fall as a simple and healthy approach to eating as she will be planning her meals for herself by herself for the first time. What a great idea! It's all about the fundaments and a simple approach that we can trust. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and until next week, I'll see you on the blog​​​​​!


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August 5, 2016

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