Meet the Banners

Published: Mon, 07/30/12

Meet the Banners
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» Meet the Banners
Last week we showcased the first of a series of evangelistic banners that SOI 21 has created to enhance the Prayer Table ministry. All six large banners use key words to summarize the Gospel in an arresting visual presentation. Pray for us as we complete work on a Gospel booklet that would complement the banners.
Banner #2: Know!
Know the heart of the Heavenly Father for you as Sons and Daughters.
God, the ultimate reality of the universe, exists in perfect relationship - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is so "into" relationship that He created you in His image, male and female, to be able to enjoy Him and others. You were made for love - to love God and one another. As the Father longs after us, so we, too, long for deeply satisfying, harmonious relationships with him and our fellow image-bearers. True Life is found only in dependent connectedness to the Heavenly Father - being at Home in His loving Embrace.
Stay tuned for banners 3-6!
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