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Published: Tue, 08/07/12

Check Out Banner #3
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» Check Out Banner #3
Banner #3: TURN!
Turn from Self to God the Father
Unfortunately, we don't "do" relationship very well. We are poor lovers of God and others. As male and female image-bearers, we are both victims and agents. We're deeply wounded by others, and in turn, we deeply wound them. As we experience pain in relationships, our primary commitment becomes protecting ourselves and then manipulating others to meet our needs. Rather than depend on the Father for Life, we try to make our lives work in the way that seems best to us. The essence of sin is this independence from the Father that manifests itself in our lack of love. Our self-centeredness grieves the Father's heart, for He values relationship above all else. Our sin violates relationship and separates us from the Life that comes from connectedness to the Father. He lovingly beckons us to shift our understanding of where Life comes from and to change the direction of our lives - to turn from Self and to Him.
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