"The Father Wants You!"

Published: Mon, 09/24/12

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» "The Father Wants You!"
SOI 21 is excited to announce the completion of "The Father Wants You!" Gospel booklets and website! Both of them combine beautiful images and arresting language to summarize the Gospel in a unique and powerful way. We will distribute the booklets on campus to enhance the Prayer Table ministry and generate meaningful conversations with students.
We invite you to visit the new evangelistic website, www.thefatherwantsyou.com. We hope you'll enjoy it, and we encourage you to use it to share the Good News with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
We do need your help as we still lack funding for these projects (Gospel banners, booklets, and website). We need to raise an additional $5,000 to cover our costs. If you feel led to contribute to this evangelistic undertaking, we would be incredibly grateful! Please visit www.thefatherwantsyou.com/give and select your preferred giving option.
We have really sensed the Father's anointing as we have worked on these projects. Please pray with us that He will use these resources to draw many lost sons and daughters home to His embrace!
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